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Contact Cement

I have used contact cement for years but now I see a water-based contact cement in the stores. Is this...

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How do you prevent glue from hardening too quickly, and how do you get glue into small spaces?

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I want to fix a broken lampshade, but no glue seems to work on hard plastic. Is there any way...

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I have an arborite kitchen countertop over which I would like to apply more arborite. Do I have to remove...

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Odorous Sump Pumps

I recently removed an old sump pump, and filled the hole in the floor that it had created with foam...

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Basement Floods

When it rains, water seeps up through my basement floor. Last year I had the property landscaped, so I know...

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Frozen Pipes

I have a frozen steel pipe in my basement. I there anything I can do to thaw it before the...

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Loose Showerheads

Is there any way that I can secure a showerhead that moves from the wall when it is touched? Will...

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Odorous Shower Drains

We installed a shower in our basement about one year ago. We have noticed a gaseous odor emanating from the...

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Loud Pipes

My main drain leading from the roof to the basement passes through the wall that separates the kitchen and the...

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Renovating Bathrooms

I am planning to renovate my bathroom. I would like to install a sink and a shower on one side...

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Freezing Stack Pipes

I have been experiencing problems with the stack pipe, which passes through an unheated garage. During the winter the stack...

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Installing Sinks

I am going to install a new sink in my basement. I will have to add an extension of copper...

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Uneven Water

The flow of water from my showerhead is uneven. Can the problem be corrected without installing a new showerhead?

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Low Water Pressure-2

When the dishwasher and washing machine are running, or someone flushes the toilet, water pressure in the shower becomes weak...

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Cleaning Bathtubs

What kind of paint should I use to remove rusty discoloration marks on the bottom of my bathtub?

Christmas Trees

Fresh-cut trees are longer lasting and are less likely to become fire traps. To test for freshness, bend a needle...

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Coffee & tea

Coffee grounds placed in the planting hole encourage acid-forming bacteria, boosting the growth of such acid-loving plants as blueberries...

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Add real wood-smoke flavor to foods cooked on your gas grill with a handful of green twigs from garden...

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Stratification is the name given to the process of inducing seeds to emerge from dormancy through cold treatment.

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Repotting can be done at any time, especially if a plant is suffering. But the best time to perform...

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Pruning roses

Severe pruning of everblooming roses produces fewer but larger flowers. This method renews old and overgrown rose bushes and...

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Coordinating your porch furniture and plants will create a more inviting environment. Rattan or wicker pieces look best with...

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Apples naturally contain this setting agent. If your jellies aren't setting up properly, place a cheesecloth sack filled with the...

Frosted Fruit Arrangement

It's a lot easier to create this gorgeous centerpiece than it looks. For food-safety reasons, make frosted fruit the...

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How to Pay Less for Almost Everything

Buy what you want, when you want, with cash to spare

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Do-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning

5 tips to a cleaner carpet

Quick Tips for Trimming Hedges Fast & Well

Do your hedges need some pruning? Curious how often you should trim your hedges? Here are helpful instructions and guidelines...

How to Remove Bulbs, Fuss-Free

In some instances, bulbs are best removed for storage instead of being left in the ground.