Renovating Bathrooms

I am planning to renovate my bathroom. I would like to install a sink and a shower on one side of the wall and a washer and dryer on the other side of the wall. Is it possible to connect all the drain pipes and vent pipes together?

Yes. There should not be any problem with connecting all the pipes to the same drainage system. The function of the vent system is to provide free air to the drain pipe to prevent the suction of flowing water from draining the traps. Its other function, of course, is to prevent foul pipe odors from entering the house. If the position of the washing machine on the other side of the wall is too far from the main vent pipes, a simple solution can be found. A vent valve can be installed which will open up and draw in air when the pipe is flushed. Once the water has passed, the damper will close and prevent any foul air from moving through the water pipe. The valve rises only 10 cm (4 in.) or so above the pipe and eliminates the need to attach long vent piping. Remember that vent valves are not permitted on toilet drains