Sticker Decoupage Ornament

Search out Victorian-style stickers for these beautiful balls. Gold size and leaf (found at art- or craft-supply stores) add a rich sparkle and are surprisingly easy to use.

Sticker Decoupage Ornament

What you will need:
3-inch to 4-inch glass ball ornament
Plastic drinking straw
Masking tape
Florist's foam brick
2-1/2-inch x 4-inch cherub or floral stickers
Manicure scissors
Spray glass cleaner
Wooden coffee stirrer
2-1/2 ounces gold leaf size
1/4-inch round soft-bristled paintbrush
1/2-inch round soft-bristled paintbrush
Mineral spirits or turpentine
2 5-inch-square sheets composition gold leaf
Cotton ball

Prepare ornament for decoupage. Remove ornament cap. Insert straw into opening, then wrap masking tape around straw and neck of ball. To free both hands during work, insert straw "handle" into foam brick as needed.

Using manicure scissors, cut out cherubs from stickers, then make tiny slits (3/8-inch deep and about 3/8-inch apart) around the edge of each cutout (see illustration A).

Clean ball with glass cleaner. Peel backing off sticker and position it on ball (illustration B). Use coffee stirrer to smooth sticker from center out, so cut edges overlap as they curve around ball. Repeat to affix second sticker to opposite side of ball.

Using 1/4-inch brush, apply size to glass ball around edges of each sticker (illustration C), then use 1/2-inch brush to apply size to rest of ball. Let dry 5 to15 minutes; clean brushes in mineral spirits.


Gently place two sheets of gold leaf onto work surface. Use fingers to tear both sheets into irregular 1-inch to 2-inch pieces. When surface of ball is tacky (5 to 15 minutes), touch fingertip to piece of leaf, lift and transfer to ball, then gently tap in place. Repeat, tearing additional leaf if necessary, until entire ball is covered (illustration D). Press dry 1/2-inch brush gently over entire surface. Let ball dry overnight, then burnish surface by rubbing gently with cotton ball. Remove tape and straw. Replace cap.

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