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How to Hang Your Christmas Lights

Don’t get yourself all hung up on getting Christmas lights up! We have six tips to make the whole process easy.

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Take Measurements

Measure your area, including the distance from the power outlet to the lights.

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Figure Out How Much You Need

Calculate how many lights you’ll need. A good baseline is 100 lights per 50 centimetres, but you may prefer to use more. Make sure your lights are designed for outdoor use. Buying from the same brand will ensure they’re consistent and easy to string together.

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Gather Your Tools

Set up on a sunny day. Have extension cords, a ladder, specialty hooks, nails, a hammer and pliers on hand. Don’t forget a pair of work gloves to keep your hands warm.

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Test the Lights

Unwrap and test each strand before stringing them up. Never attach more than three strands together.

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Take it From the Top

Start from the top of a tree and work your way down.

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Use a Timer

Set lights on a timer for low maintenance and to save energy.