Dog-Leash Holder

This adorable — and helpful — gift is easy to create with some paint, photos, and biscuits.

Dog-Leash Holder

What you will need:

Unfinished wood-peg rack
Spray paint
Color copies of pet photos
Letter-shaped stickers
Bone-shaped dog biscuits
Water-based acrylic varnish (matte or semimatte)
Craft knife
Glue gun

Step 1:
Spray-paint peg rack, and let dry completely.

Step 2:
Use stickers to spell out dog’s name. Use glue gun to attach dog biscuits.

Step 3:
Generously varnish all parts of rack, including stickers and biscuits, but skip the pegs, which have a tendency to show air bubbles. Quickly apply some varnish to the backs of the photocopies and place on rack.

Step 4:
Cover the photocopies, stickers, and bones with another coat of varnish, brushing off any excess. Varnish will appear milky white when wet but will dry clear. Let dry for at least 2 hours.

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