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3 Do-It-Yourself Christmas Wreath

Ready to deck the halls, but missing the most cruical piece of holiday decor? Check out these fun, do-it-yourself Christmas wreaths, and get ready to ring in the holiday cheer.

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1. Empire-Style Door Wreath

1. Empire-Style Door Wreath

This regal wreath looks difficult to make, but it couldn’t be more simple. You can purchase fresh lemon leaves, the only type of foliage used, from your local florist.

What you will need:

600 fresh lemon leaves
Bright gold metallic spray paint (or silver or copper, as desired)
18-inch-diameter straw wreath base
15 white plastic
13-gallon trash bags
30-gauge green spool wire
600 Florist’s pins
4-1/2 yards
2-3/4-inch-wide green velvet wire-edged ribbon
1 yard gold metallic twisted cord
Wire cutters
Adhesive tape
Permanent marker
Pruning shears

Step 1: Spread out newspaper in well-ventilated work area. Lay approximately half of the lemon leaves face up on newspaper, and spray with metallic paint, following manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry at least one hour, preferably overnight, before handling.

Step 2: Wrap plastic bag around wreath, concealing straw (see illustration A). Tape bag in place as you go. Continue wrapping wreath with second bag, winding in same direction, until all straw is concealed. Add one or two more bag layers to build up wreath bulk. Bind entire wreath with wire to secure bags permanently. 

Step 3: Visualizing wreath as a clock face, use permanent marker to draw lines at the 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 12 o’clock positions (illustration B) for leaf placement. 

Step 4: Pin leaves to wreath in tiers. Position several gold leaves horizontally across 6 o’clock line; to secure, push florist’s pins through leaf tips. Repeat to cover entire 6  o’clock line. Working toward right, position next tier of gold leaves across wreath so lower tips overlap and conceal previously inserted pins (illustration C); secure with pins. Repeat the  process, attaching enough leaves to conceal 5 o’clock line. Each tier of leaves should conceal previous tier’s pins. Repeat to create tiers of gold leaves up left side to reach 7 o’clock line. Step 5: Switching to green leaves, pin in place ten tiers up each side to reach 2 and 10 o’clock lines (illustration D). Finish with about seven tiers of gold leaves on each side to reach 12 o’clock line. Step 6: Wrap green ribbon around wreath at 12 o’clock position and tie into four-loop bow. Shape streamers to dangle into center of wreath and notch ends. Loop gold cord into 4-inch-diameter circle with two 12-inch-long streamers; knot ends to prevent unraveling and wire to bow knot.

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2. Evergreen, Rose and Lime Wreath

2. Evergreen, Rose and Lime Wreath

This wreath — with its array of winter foliage, fruit, and flowers — is a beautiful and fragrant way to welcome guests.

What you will need:

40 7-inch sprigs each fresh juniper, fir, spindle (euonymus), blue spruce, privet hedge
30-gauge florist’s wire Florist’s tape
10-inch-diameter straw wreath base
4 whole limes
6 cream-colored roses with 7-inch stems
6 orchid vials
Sharp kitchen knife or pruning shears

STEP 1: Make 40 bouquets, each containing a sprig of juniper, fir, euonymus, spruce, and privet hedge (see illustration A); keep back of bouquet flat.

STEP 2: Bind stems with florist’s wire, then conceal wire with florist’s tape (illustration B). Clip off ends, leaving 2-inch stem.

STEP 3: Cut 20 slices of lime, each 3/8-inch thick. Cut twenty 10-inch lengths of wire. Thread each 10-inch-length of wire through each slice near rind and twist to secure. Insert rose stems into vials filled with water. Set wired limes and rose stems aside.

STEP 4: Bind bouquets to wreath base, filling in bare spaces with single stems of foliage. Attach wire to wreath base by wrapping tightly several times around wreath base. Lay one bouquet on base, flat-side-down and angled toward wreath center. Wind wire around stem and wreath base several times (illustration C). Hold wire steady. Lay second bouquet on base so it is angled outward and the stems cross. Resume winding wire to secure stem of second bouquet (illustration D). Add third bouquet, facing in, and bind to base. Continue adding bouquets, alternating their direction, to fill front of wreath all around.To add final bouquet, slip its stem under head of first bouquet and bind it securely. To end off, anchor wire to wreath and clip off excess.

STEP 5: To finish wreath, wire on lime slices and insert rose-filled vials into straw, positioning as shown in photograph. Wire vials in place if desired. Note: Be sure not to hang the wreath in direct sunlight or it will dry out. Click here to find out how to keep your wreath fresh.

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3. Reversible Table Wreath

3. Reversible Table Wreath

This wreath, designed for viewing from either side, can be used in place of a centerpiece on a table. The foliage must be able to survive without water. Good choices include variegated pitt (used here), boxwood, rose leaves, eucalyptus, miniature holly, cedar, lemon, and caspia, all of which look attractive fresh or dried.

What you will need:
18-gauge florist’s wire
4- to 5-inch-diameter container (e.g., coffee can)
Green florist’s tape
125 fresh foliage sprigs, each about 3 inches long
28-gauge florist’s wire
2 10-inch X 10-inch X 1-3/8-inch wooden box-style picture frames
White acrylic craft paint
24-gauge brass wire
Wood glue
Pruning shears
Wire cutters
Staple gun
Flat brush Ruler

STEP 1. Wind 18-gauge wire three times around container (see illustration A). Slide wire circle off container, clip wire from spool, and bind entire circle with florist’s tape.

STEP 2. Gather five or six foliage sprigs into bouquet and bind lower 1/2 inch of stems with florist’s tape. Repeat to make 25 to 30 bouquets.

STEP 3. Lay one bouquet against wreath base, then bind stem to base with 28-gauge wire (illustration B). Position second bouquet so foliage overlaps stem of first bouquet, then bind stem to base. Continue binding bouquets to base, concealing previous bouquet’s stem with foliage of new bouquet. For a full, rounded wreath, spiral bouquets around base as you go. When you reach starting point, slip final bouquet’s stem under foliage of first bouquet, bind securely, and clip wire. Examine wreath from both sides and fill in gaps where necessary.

STEP 4. Paint each frame with two coats white acrylic paint; let dry 20 minutes between coats. Cut two 7-inch lengths brass wire. Loop middle of wires once around wreath at top and bottom, letting free ends of wire extend. Lay one frame face down, and center wreath inside it. Staple free wire ends to outside edge of frame, being sure to pull wire taut so that wreath is suspended (illustration C). To conceal staples, glue frames back to back with wood glue. Let dry overnight before displaying.