24 Clever Repurposed Garden Containers

Each of these creative garden containers once had a completely different purpose.

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Sue Ferris

Rain Gutter Window Box

Have an extra section of gutter laying around? Drill some drainage holes along the bottom and mount it to a fence or exterior wall for an instant window box!

Consider adding these mosquito repellent plants to your new DIY container!

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Birds & Blooms

Cardboard Box Containers

These days, the cost of container gardening can really add up. Save money and spend it on plants instead by using cardboard boxes as repurposed garden containers. Treat them the way you’d treat conventional containers: Fill with soil, make sure you have proper drainage and don’t forget to water. But do they hold up all season? Birds & Blooms tested it out.

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Birds & Blooms

Cloth Shoe Caddy Herb Garden

While this storage item may be perfect for storing shoes, it’s also amazingly useful for planting herbs. Find out landscaping expert Carson Arthur’s herb growing tips.

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Elaine Jackinchuk/Birds & Blooms

Farmhouse Sink for the Garden

Salvage yards are a great place to find old home items that can be repurposed into garden fixtures. This vintage farmhouse sink, for example, may be past its prime in a kitchen, but it makes a charming container for prepping and maintaining your potted plants.

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Ronald Eller/Birds & Blooms

Wagon to Mobile Planter

Add a little DIY flair to an old wagon by building a big wooden planter on top of the wheels. Then you can tote your colourful arrangement anywhere in your yard.

Complement this clever container with these inexpensive plants that make your garden pop.

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Birds & Blooms

Plastic Grocery Bag Hanging Planter

In need of a cheap hanging planter for your cascading flowers? Get one for free at the grocery store. You can easily repurpose a plastic grocery bag into a hanging planter by punching a few drainage holes in the bottom and hanging it up.

Psst—these are the best annuals for container gardening.

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Claudia Dewane/Birds & Blooms

Antique Chamber Pot Pot

This vintage chamber pot is pretty enough for houseplants!

These are the best air cleaning houseplants, according to NASA.

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Dave Logan/Country

Flower Bed Frame

Have your kids outgrown their old bed? Save the metal headboard and footboard for your garden to create a true flower bed.

Take inspiration from this gorgeous gallery of Canadian garden photography.

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Country Woman

Mugs of Mint

When it comes time to declutter your mug collection, don’t just toss the ones you no longer need for coffee and tea. Mugs are the perfect size for planting an indoor herb garden.

Here are 19 things to toss, according to a professional organizer.

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Country Woman

Umbrella Door Decor

Fill a closed umbrella with cut or silk flowers and hang it on your front door for an instant (and creative!) pop of colour.

Here’s what you should know before starting a garden.

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Country Woman

Old Tire Hanging Planter

Recycle old tires yourself by turning them into clever hanging planters. Drill a hole for drainage, paint it a bright colour and fill it with your favourite flowers.

Be sure to never plant these flowers in your garden.

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Annie De La Hoz/Birds & Blooms

Containers from the Closet

Believe it or not, old boots and purses can be transformed into unique plant containers in the garden.

Consider adding these 40+ colourful plants to brighten up your landscape.

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Allison Thomas/Country Woman

Woven Basket

Breathe new life into those old woven baskets that’ve been sitting in storage for years. Create an arrangement of succulents for indoors or out.

Did you know these flowers attract hummingbirds to your garden?

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Amber Jackson/Birds & Blooms

Whisky Barrel Fairy Garden

You can turn just about any ol’ outdoor container into an adorable fairy garden. Just add some small plants and fairy garden supplies to create an enchanting focal point in your yard.

Check out more simple landscaping ideas for the perfect garden.

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Billie Hayman/Birds & Blooms

Birdbaths and Cinder Blocks

Old birdbaths and concrete cinder blocks make perfect outdoor planters. They’re heavy and weather-resistant, which means they’ll hold up to the outdoor elements.

These are the home improvement projects you should never, ever DIY.

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Lakshmi Sridharan/Birds & Blooms

Old Brick Raised Garden Bed

Brick is one of the easiest, most durable building materials to work with. You can build a simple raised garden bed out of a pile of old bricks, and it’s sure to look great and last a long time.

Here are more gardening shortcuts that can save you time and money!

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Marie Brown/Country

Metal Antiques for Climbing Plants

This old metal bench was given new life in the garden. The seat provides a perfect spot for a potted plant, and the tall back doubles as a trellis for climbing plants.

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Patty Samples/Country

Wooden Chair Plant Perch

Add an old wooden chair to your garden to provide a little elevation for your favourite flowers. A fresh coat of colourful paint will make it pop!

Read on for more clever home improvement ideas for under $200.

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Tamie Tarbox/Country

Washtubs and Watering Cans

Add a rustic touch to your patio by using old washtubs as planters. Metal watering cans will do the trick, too.

These brilliant yard tool hacks will make your life so much easier!

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Betsy Harrison/Farm & Ranch Living

Wheelbarrow Flower Bed

If you’ve upgraded your wheelbarrow and no longer have a need for your old one, push it on over to your garden and fill it with flowers. You’ll get an instant flower bed that you can move around your yard as you please.

Add these bee-friendly plants to your yard, garden or balcony.

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Birds & Blooms

Vintage Light Fixture Planter

You can transform an old light fixture into garden decor by swapping out the lightbulbs for small planters and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Add a little birdhouse for even more charm.

Interested in growing a healing garden? Consider adding these medicinal plants to your plot.

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Birds & Blooms

Plant Stand of Dishes

Transform an old set of dishes into a plant stand. Or use it as a bird feeder.

Working in tight quarters? These brilliant urban gardening tips are perfect for small outdoor spaces!

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Michelle Minner

Stock Tank Planter

You can plant an entire vegetable garden or flower bed in a stock tank. Since they’re made for the outdoors, this large planter will last for many, many seasons.

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Sunnie Greenwalt/Birds & Blooms

Bountiful Bicycle

Catch the eyes of passersby by incorporating a vintage bicycle into your garden design. Attach a couple of baskets spilling over with flowers and you’ll have a showstopper.

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