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4 Chore-Busting Tips

Chores are unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean they have to take up your whole day. We’ve got time-saving strategies to help you complete some common household tasks.

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Fewer chores, more fun

If only you had more hours in the day, you’d try a yoga class or start that new novel. Tame time-sapping chores with these four tips-and make more time for fun.

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1. Stop backyard stooping and scooping

Love dogs but hate the mess? Teresa Pitman of Guelph hires Dr. DooDoo’s Dog Waste Removal Service to clean up after her dogs in her yard for $10 a week. “It saves me at least an hour a week. Plus, I don’t have the hassle of storing the collected poop until garbage day,” she says.

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2. Make lunches in bunches

Packing a lunch saves money-and your health. To speed up prep, make tuna or chicken sandwiches in bulk. Butter the bread well to avoid sogginess, then seal sandwiches in freezer bags and freeze up to six weeks, advises Jan Main in The Best Freezer Cookbook. Pack a frozen sandwich in the morning and it will be thawed and ready to eat by noon.

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3. Do a quickie cleanup

Instead of wasting your weekend on chores, first thing on a weekend morning, make a list of essential tasks and set your timer for 30 minutes, advises Donna Schmidt, a professional organizer. Assign each family member chores to complete before the buzzer goes off.

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4. Lessen laundry

Give away clothing your family doesn’t wear, and you’ll have fewer items to wash. Limit laundry to two times a week, says Schmidt. Also, teach kids how to know when their clothes need to be laundered: “If there aren’t spills down the front of the shirt (and the shirt doesn’t smell) it’s clean enough for another wear!”