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Staff Tested: At-Home Tooth Whiteners

Best Health editors put at-home whitening products to the test.

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While it’s true that certain foods and drinks stain your teeth more than others, brushing and flossing regularly may minimize discolouration.

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Rembrandt Professional Treatment Kit

“As someone who enjoys coffee and red wine, I was a tough case, but I definitely see a difference. The gel was clear, odour-less and almost tasteless, surprising for a bleach. Sensitivity wasn’t a problem.”


($45, 7 days)

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Colgate Visible White Toothpaste

“Pleasantly (not overly) minty and, thankfully, with no gritty texture. It was a little tricky toward the end to make the dual gel/paste (silica + whitener) dispense equal amounts of the two. But it worked great.”



4 / 5

Life Brand Premium Whitening Wraps

“The wraps are thick-no way you could wear these out in public. I experienced some gum tingling but it subsided quickly. After only three days, my husband mentioned, unprompted, that my teeth looked whiter.”


($38, 7 days)

5 / 5

Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare

“It’s such a short time commitment; I used one each morning while putting on makeup or getting dressed. My teeth had a yellowish tinge and the strips whitened them noticeably after 20 pouches.”


($50, 42 pouches)