Taking care of yourself both inside and out is the key to a healthy life. Discover the best beauty tips for hair treatments, effective home remedies and skincare secrets. 

12 “Healthy” Hygiene Habits That Are Actually Bad for You

You may think you're doing everything you can to improve your health and appearance, but these common hygiene habits do more harm than good.

Everything You Need to Know About Adult Acne (But Didn’t Want to Ask)

Here's what causes adult acne—and what you need to do to get rid of it now.

Thinning Hair? Doctors Recommend This At-Home Trick

When your locks start looking less lustrous, you could spend a fortune on special shampoos, masks, supplements, and high-tech treatments,...

Carson Kressly’s Guide to Dressing with Confidence—at Any Age

Although most of us can only dream of a full wardrobe makeover from Carson Kressly, we can all benefit from...

Princess Diana Helped Create This One Beauty Product (and You Might Already Have It!)

Turns out, the People’s Princess had a few secret cosmetic skills up her sleeve.

Don’t Be a Flake: Everything You Need to Know About Dandruff

If you've got dandruff, there's more out there for you than just shampoo.

The Real History Behind the Birth of Botox

In 1987, Vancouver doctors Jean and Alastair Carruthers accidentally discovered cosmetic properties in a toxin normally used by ophthalmologists. The...

9 Beauty Products Dermatologists Wish You’d Stop Wasting Money On

Save your money and skip these expensive beauty supplies. Dermatologists say alternatives give you better value (and glowing skin).

7 Old-Hollywood Style Tips You Should Copy from Audrey Hepburn

Here's how to incorporate Audrey Hepburn's style into your life beyond the little black dress.

8 Recent Beauty Trends That Should Have Never Happened

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9 Style Tips to Steal from Princess Diana

These timeless looks are fit for a princess.

6 Homemade Face Mask Recipes For Dry, Oily and Combination Skin

Whether you've got oily, dry or combination skin, we've got the homemade face mask recipe for you. The best part?...

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18 Home Remedies for Dry, Damaged Hair

Believe what you see on TV and you might get the idea that only brand-name shampoos and conditioners can give...

7 Surprising Things Your Outfit Colour Says About You

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7 Style Mistakes That Instantly Make You Look Older

Want to keep people guessing about your real age for years to come? Start by avoiding these common style mistakes...

There’s a New Lipstick Inspired by… Margaret Trudeau?

There's a new nude-pink lipstick on the market. The inspiration for the shade? None other than Margaret Trudeau.

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6 Natural Supplements That Can Help Treat Acne

Thought acne was something only teenagers worried about? Think again! In fact, up to 8% of those who had clear...

7 Timeless Fashion Tips to Steal from Jackie Kennedy

From high-rise hair to strings of pearls and slim-fitting shift dresses, Jackie Kennedy's signature looks will never go out of...

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Selfies! Profile pics! Here's how to take pictures to make sure you put your best face forward.

10 Tips for Healthy, White Teeth

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How to Look Younger: 10 Secrets Even Your Best Friend Doesn’t Know

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12 Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Messy

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11 Simple Fashion Upgrades That Make You Look Expensive

A sturdy handbag and matching shoes go a long way.

5 Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter can be a particularly difficult time for your skin. Find out what you should be doing to keep your...