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10+ Vegetarian Recipes To Make This Summer

These summer vegetarian recipes are a fantastic way to enjoy your garden's bounty.

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Garden Fresh Grilled Veggie Pizza Exps Sdjj18 215090 B02 13 3bTaste of Home

Garden-Fresh Grilled Veggie Pizza

“I have four gardens, including one just for herbs, so I always have a pretty good spread of produce. I created this loaded-up pizza as a fun summer appetizer using some of my best garden goodies.” —Dianna Wara, Washington, Illinois

Get the recipe for Garden-Fresh Grilled Veggie Pizza.

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Cucumbers with DillTaste of Home

Cucumbers with Dill

Sprinkling cucumber slices with salt and letting them stand in a colander draws out excess water so they stay crisp when set on a barbecue buffet. Try this cucumber dill salad alongside any grilled entree. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Get the recipe for Cucumbers with Dill.

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Herbed Feta DipTaste of Home

Herbed Feta Dip

“Guests can’t get enough of this thick, zesty dip that bursts with fresh Mediterranean flavour. The feta cheese and fresh mint complement each other beautifully, creating the perfect sidekick for crunchy carrots, toasted pita chips, sliced baguettes or any other dipper you fancy.” —Rebecca Ray, Chicago, Illinois

Get the recipe for Herbed Feta Dip.

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Vegetarian Skillet EnchiladasTaste of Home

Vegetarian Skillet Enchiladas

“Whether it’s for meatless Monday or your family’s everyday vegetarian meal, everyone will be satisfied with these unconventional enchiladas. Garnish with the optional toppings or other favourites like tortilla chips and extra shredded cheese.” —Susan Court, Pewaukee, WI

Get the recipe for Vegetarian Skillet Enchiladas.

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California QuinoaTaste of Home

California Quinoa

“I’m always changing this salad up. Here I used tomato, zucchini and olives for a Greek-inspired salad. Try adding a few more favourite fresh veggies you know your family will love.” —Elizabeth Lubin, Huntington Beach, California

Get the recipe for California Quinoa.

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Veggie FajitasTaste of Home

Veggie Fajitas

“My husband prefers these to chicken or beef fajitas and I serve them for dinner often.” —Sarah Mercer, Wichita, Kansas

Get the recipe for Veggie Fajitas.

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Garlic-Herb Pattypan SquashTaste of Home

Garlic-Herb Fried Patty Pan Squash

“The first time I grew a garden, I harvested summer squash and cooked it with garlic and herbs. This fried patty pan squash recipe is a creative twist.” —Kaycee Mason, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Get the recipe for Garlic-Herb Fried Patty Pan Squash.

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Ravishing Radish SaladTaste of Home

Ravishing Radish Salad

“Here is a recipe that showcases spring veggies in all of their glory. The fresh, crunchy radish salad really complements grilled entrees.” —Maggie Ruddy, Altoona, Iowa

Get the recipe for Ravishing Radish Salad.

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Portobello MeltsTaste of Home

Portobello Melts

“We’re always looking for satisfying vegetarian meals, and this one tops the list. These melts are especially delicious in the summer when we have tons of homegrown tomatoes.” —Amy Smalley, Morehead, Kentucky

Get the recipe for Portobello Melts.

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Garlic Tomato BruschettaTaste of Home

Garlic Tomato Bruschetta

“This appetizer or side dish makes a crispy complement to any Italian entree. I just started with my grandmother’s bruschetta recipe and added fresh tomatoes! It’s one of the yummiest bruschetta recipes I’ve found.” —Jean Franzoni, Rutland, Vermont

Get the recipe for Garlic Tomato Bruschetta.

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Spinach Blueberry SaladTaste of Home

Spinach Blueberry Salad

“Blueberries are a fun surprise in this salad. I received the recipe from a co-worker’s wife, and it’s become one of my favourites.” —Heidi Gilleland, Lees Summit, Missouri

Get the recipe for Spinach Blueberry Salad.

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