Easy Pasta Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Pasta isn’t just a cold weather comfort food. These mouthwatering meal ideas make the most of the season's fresh produce.

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Lemony Shrimp & Snow Pea Pasta

“This pretty pasta is a family favourite—the kids love the light lemony flavour and I love that they devour the fresh veggies. You can use other types of pasta for variety, like bow ties or corkscrews.” —Jennifer Fisher, Austin, Texas

Get the recipe for Lemony Shrimp & Snow Pea Pasta.

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Citrus Scallops

“My husband and I like to eat seafood at least once a week. Oranges and lemon juice give scallops a refreshing burst of flavour.” —Cheri Hawthorne, North Canton, Ohio

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Bucatini with Sausage & Kale

“I was short on time but wanted to make an elegant dinner for my husband and me. That night, we ate this simple pasta starring spicy sausage and our homegrown kale.” —Angela Lemoine, Howell, New Jersey

Get the recipe for Bucatini with Sausage & Kale.

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Bow Tie & Spinach Salad

“With pasta salad, it’s easy to change up ingredients. We like to add grilled chicken and pine nuts, and sometimes we substitute black beans for the garbanzo beans.” —Julie Kirkpatrick, Billings, Montana

Get the recipe for Bow Tie & Spinach Salad.

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Farmers’ Market Orzo Salad

Showcase seasonal ingredients in your summer pasta recipes, like this one for a farmers’ market-inspired orzo salad. “Orzo is a tiny pasta shaped like rice. We use it as a base for veggies, lemony vinaigrette and cheeses such as mozzarella, feta or smoked Gouda.” —Heather Dezzutto, Raleigh, North Carolina

Get the recipe for Farmers’ Market Orzo Salad.

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Linguine with Broccoli Rabe & Peppers

“Broccoli rabe is one of my favourite veggies. Since it cooks right with the pasta, you can multitask. Before you know it, dinner is served.” —Gilda Lester, Millsboro, Delaware

Get the recipe for Linguine with Broccoli Rabe & Peppers.

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Artichoke & Lemon Pasta

“While sailing in the Mediterranean, we tasted a lemony artichoke pasta. I developed my own version of it that our guests love. Try it with shrimp and kalamata olives.” —Peter Halferty, Corpus Christi, Texas

Get the recipe for Artichoke & Lemon Pasta.

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Garden Vegetable Primavera

“Although I enjoy this dish throughout the year, it’s even more special when I use my garden to supply the vegetables. A splash of white wine and a sprinkle of fresh basil really add flavour. I have also roasted the vegetables and mixed in chicken breasts with scrumptious results.” —Carly Curtin, Ellicott City, Maryland

Get the recipe for Garden Vegetable Primavera.

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Light & Lemony Scampi

“A touch more lemon helped me trim the calories in our favourite shrimp scampi recipe. For those who want to indulge, pass around the Parmesan.” —Ann Sheehy, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Get the recipe for Light & Lemony Scampi.

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Mediterranean Chicken Pasta - mediterranean meal plan
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Mediterranean Chicken Pasta

“For special days, I make this cheesy pasta bake loaded with chicken and all sorts of veggies. Want a vegetarian version? Use vegetable stock and garbanzo beans.” —Liz Bellville, Havelock, North Carolina

Get the recipe for Mediterranean Chicken Pasta.

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One-Pot Chicken Pesto Pasta

“When my garden basil goes nuts, I make pesto and keep it frozen in small containers for the right opportunity, like this saucy one-pot chicken pesto pasta recipe.” —Kimberly Fenwick, Hobart, Indiana

Get the recipe for One-Pot Chicken Pesto Pasta.

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Garden Bow Tie Salad

“Originally a vegetable dish, I added pasta to this salad for family gatherings and church potlucks. Try adding sliced mushrooms and diced tomatoes before serving.” —Barbara Burks, Huntsville, Alabama

Get the recipe for Garden Bow Tie Salad.

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