Cooking Tips

Want to take your culinary skills to the next level? These cooking hacks will save you time, money and effort in the kitchen.

Here’s What Makes Cucumbers Bitter—and How to Fix It

Find out the fascinating science behind that bitter cucumber taste.

10 Tasty Grilled Cheese Sandwiches You’ll Want to Make Right Now

They're the greatest thing since sliced… Well, you know.

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Slow Cooker Mistakes Everyone Makes (And How to Avoid Them)

On busy days, it's so tempting to hit up a drive-thru so you can skip cooking and cleanup time. But...

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10 Air Fryer Dinner Recipes to Make Tonight

Need something quick but tasty? These air fryer dinner recipes are guaranteed to curb your crunchy cravings.

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30-Minute Meals Your Family Will Love

When you're short on time and wondering what's for supper, whip up one of these easy dinner recipes for family...

10+ Healthy Smoothie Recipes to Start Your Day

Short on time but still need to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables? Try a healthy smoothie recipe...

10+ Best Instant Pot Soup Recipes

Get all-day flavour without the all-day fuss. These Instant Pot soup recipes make dinner a breeze to pull together!

How to Peel Garlic in 20 Seconds Flat

Not only does it save you the sticky mess, but your hands won't stink afterwards, either!

Why You Should Make Your Grilled Cheese with Mayo (Not Butter)

The secret ingredient for the best-ever grilled cheese is mayo!

12 Spooky and Sweet Halloween Cupcakes

It's time to eat, drink and be scary! These frighteningly easy bakes are the perfect fuel for a Halloween movie...

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The Healthiest Cooking Oils, According to Food Experts

Here's what you need to know about the best cooking oils for your health, including the smoke points, nutrition and...

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The Most Common Thanksgiving Turkey Problems—Solved!

Whether you're serving Thanksgiving turkey for the first or 51st time, many home cooks have the same questions—and chef Shahir...

Could a Hairdryer Be the Secret to Your Best-Ever Thanksgiving Turkey?

Is this hack just another viral gimmick—or the secret to Thanksgiving turkey perfection? We put this unusual skin-crisping method to...

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10 Pantry Essentials You Should Never Be Without

Keep these pantry essentials in stock and no matter how empty the fridge gets, you'll be able to throw a...

10+ Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

Not a morning person, but have company for brunch? Life is so much easier with make-ahead breakfast recipes you can...

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20 Microwave Tricks Every Cook Needs to Know

Your microwave can do more than heat up leftovers! Here are a handful of microwave tricks that will change the...

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40 Kitchen Hacks That’ll Change the Way You Cook

These quick and clever kitchen hacks will save you time, money and effort!

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Simple Tricks to Become a Faster Cook

Cookbook author Mark Bittman shares his best tips for whipping up dinner in record time—without sacrificing taste.

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8 Grocery Store Secrets from the Produce Section You Probably Didn’t Know

This insider info will help you make the best choices when shopping for fruits and vegetables.

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10+ Easy Grilling Recipes Anyone Can Master

Sizzle and speed make these easy grilling recipes everyone's smoky favorites.

Here’s Why There Are 10 Hot Dogs in a Pack, But Only 8 Buns

I'll never understand why this wasn't fixed a long time ago!

Here’s How Long You Can Really Freeze Food

Freezing food doesn't have to be a mystery. Our handy chart—plus freezing and thawing tips—will have you stockpiling like a...

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20+ Surprising Things You Wouldn’t Think to Grill—But Should

Grilled watermelon? Who knew! Spice up your next barbecue by tossing something unexpected—unexpectedly delicious, that is—on the grill.

You Can *Finally* Buy Equal-Sized Packs of Hot Dogs and Buns

For years, we've fumed over the fact that hot dogs are sold in packs of 10, while buns are sold...

A 7-Day Meal Plan of Quick and Easy Dinners

From slow-cooker mac and cheese to tasty lentil tacos, enjoy a week's worth of mouthwatering meals with minimal effort.

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These Pantry Organization Ideas Make Meal Prep *So* Much Easier

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your cupboards and drawers? These pantry organization ideas will bring order to even the most...

People Are Making Blooming Marshmallow Flowers That Open in Hot Cocoa

These blooming marshmallows might be even more captivating than hot cocoa bombs.

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99 Genius Tips That Will Make Your Holidays So Much Better

From grocery shopping to cooking to using up the leftovers, we've assembled expert tips to help you through the holiday...