How to Peel Garlic in 20 Seconds Flat

Not only does it save you the sticky mess, but your hands won't stink afterwards, either!

Removing the peel from a clove of garlic demands a great deal of time and patience. Then, when all is said and done, you end up with sticky, garlicky hands for days! But luckily for home cooks everywhere, there’s an easier way—and it takes less than a minute. Instead of struggling with a knife or shaking cloves in a jar, use this quick and easy trick for peeling garlic in no time.

The Easy Way to Peel Garlic

Here’s the secret: You pop the clove into the microwave for 20 seconds. That’s it! After it’s been heated, the skin will peel right off with no work necessary. You’ll want to trim the top of the bulb and peel away any easy-to-remove bits of skin first, but otherwise you’re good to go, and ready to make the garlic recipes of your dreams.

@k_ali98easy way to peel garlic – heat for 30 secs in microwave and they just slip right out! ##cooking ##hack ##foryou ##foryoupage ##asmr ##garlic ##tasty ##kitchen♬ original sound – kushi ali

Be sure to let the garlic sit for at couple seconds before touching it, though. It can be hot coming out of the microwave!

Does This Hack Really Work?

Yes! When I tried this hack on a single clove of garlic, I actually found it took less time to remove the skin than the 20 seconds advertised. After just 14 seconds in the microwave, out came a completely smooth clove with a peel that was removed in just one pull.

I found that when the garlic heated up, though, it became soft and broke easily—it was essentially steamed in the microwave, after all—so you’ll want to give it a few minutes to cool before chopping or grating. Compare that to the time you’d normally spend fussing with the skin and scrubbing your hands, and this kitchen hack emerges as the clear winner. Bon appetit!

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