These Pantry Organization Ideas Make Meal Prep *So* Much Easier

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your cupboards and drawers? These pantry organization ideas will bring order to even the most chaotic kitchen.

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Pantry organization ideas - labelled bulk food containers
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Pantry Organization Ideas for Staples

Store dry goods in clear, airtight canisters. Arrange cans so labels are visible and check expiry dates every six months. If food is still good but you suspect you won’t eat it in time, donate it to a food bank. (Find out which expiration dates you should never ignore.)

Organize to Simplify Meal Prep

Group together ingredients for weeknight dinners. For instance, keep taco shells, seasoning and salsa in one area, and marinara, pasta and canned tomatoes in another. Weeknight meals should be quick and easy, and not having to look for ingredients goes a long way towards that goal.

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Pantry Organization Ideas for Baking and Spices

Arrange spices on a two-tier turntable or a spice rack. Use a larger turntable to keep track of cooking oils. Stash sugar, flour and other baking goods in stackable containers or sealed, labelled plastic bags.

Organizing a Kid-Friendly Pantry

Remove individually wrapped children’s snacks from boxes and store them in baskets with fruit, crackers and other age-appropriate treats on a low shelf. Your pantry, like your freezer, isn’t going to get any bigger, so making space should be a priority.

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Prioritize the Real Estate in Your Pantry

You should organize your kitchen pantry so that foods you eat more often are easy-to-find. In that regard, reserve hard-to-reach corners for holiday-geared fare like pumpkin purée, instant gravy and cranberry sauce. (Find out which pantry essentials have the longest shelf life.)

Cluster Kitchen Cabinet Cures

Designate an area for chicken noodle soup, green tea, saltines—even meds. You never know when a cold or flu will strike, so when it does, it helps to keep these home remedies handy.

Make Entertaining Look Effortless

Group items such as an artisanal chocolates and fancy crackers in one spot. That way you’ll be prepared if guests stop by unexpectedly.

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