Fresh & Tasty Recipes

If you need a quick meal idea, look no further! Fresh & Tasty delivers delicious, easy-to-make recipes courtesy of our food guru, Bonnie Stern.

Fresh & Tasty Recipes

Fresh & Tasty: Comfort Foods

Comfort foods: They make us feel good when we are sad and make us feel even better when we’re happy. We all have our favourite go-to foods. Here are 3 recipes that are a welcome addition to any meal.

src= & Tasty: Wine Food

Wine isn’t just for enjoying as a beverage, it is a common ingredient in cooking and can add a distinctive flavour to many dishes. Bonnie Stern shares some of her favourite recipes made with wine.

/Fresh & Tasty: Outdoor Cooking

It’s summer time, and that means it’s time for plenty of outdoor get-togethers with friends and family. We’ve got a collection of healthy, easy recipes to serve up for your next outdoor party.

/Fresh & Tasty: Sustainable Fish

Sustainable and environmentally friendly fish is good for the planet, and it’s also good for you. Here are a var­iety of recipes to help the cause.

/Fresh & Tasty: Snacks

It’s easy to make healthy, flavour-rich snacks-even with seemingly unhealthy foods like poutine, tacos, and chicken wings.

/Fresh & Tasty: Wild for Spring Vegetables

Spring is the time for renewal, so what better way to start the season off by trying new recipes made with these fresh new veggies!

class=Fresh & Tasty: Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can be used to add flavour to baking and cooking, or as a sweet topping on pancakes and waffles. Get great recipes featuring this delightful Canadian staple.

class=Fresh & Tasty: Valentine’s Day

Romantic cooking isn’t just about aphrodisiacs; it’s about making food you love for someone you love. Serve these delicious recipes to that special someone.


 Fresh & Tasty: Good Fats

Not all fats are created equal. Try these rich, flavourful recipes, which are chock-full of good-for-you fats.  


Fresh & Tasty: Chocolate

The perfect way to cap off a great dinner is with a delicious piece of chocolate. Bonnie gives us some recipes that’ll satisfy your craving for something sweet.


Fresh & Tasty: Pasta

Easy to make, and with so many varietes, pasta is a good choice to make if you’re looking for a quick dinner idea.


Fresh & Tasty: Thanksgiving

In the debut, Bonnie shares some of her favourite Thanksgiving recipes that’ll make your dinner extra-special.


Bonnie Stern has been teaching people to have fun in the kitchen, to eat more healthfully and to nourish their families since she started her cooking school in 1973.

Photo by Benoît Levac

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