3 Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli is a healthy green veggie that should already be apart of your diet. Loaded with viatmins and minerals, this cancer-fighting food can easily be integrated into your meal planning every week.

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Try a veggie-packed meal for dinner this week.

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Broccoli and Tuna Salad

An excellent side dish to any meal, this vibrant salad combines the crunch of broccoli with the tenderness of another super food, tuna.

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Shanghai Noodles With Chicken and Broccoli

No need to travel to China for some great Shanghai Noodles. Try this quick and easy recipe.

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Indian Chicken and Broccoli Wrap

These mouthwatering Indian-style wraps are quick to make. The recipe uses whole-wheat pita wraps instead of the traditional Indian chapatis.

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