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10 School Lunch Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Mix things up this year with a menu of school lunches that your kids won’t be able to resist by trying out some of these tasty, easy-to-make snack and lunch ideas.

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Pasta With Puttanesca Sauce

Spice up your kid’s spaghetti with this hot and hearty Italian recipe. It works great as a quick after school dinner and for lunch leftovers the next day.

If you want to add a little something extra to the meal, try a portion (or two) of rosemary garlic bread, which compliments this pasta dish nicely.

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Creamy Chicken and Corn Soup

This soup recipe takes fresh corn and chicken stock rather than cream, making it a healthier alternative to corn chowder. It tastes creamy without actually containing any cream, so you can feel good sending the kids off to school with a full thermos of this hearty soup for lunch.

Get the recipe for creamy chicken and corn soup here.

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Olive Dip

This simple dip is easy to prepare and makes for a nice change from the usual cheese dips. Send it along in the lunch box with some veggies, such as carrots, cucumber, or celery, or add it to a sandwich for a nice twist.

Get the recipe to make olive dip here.

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Bavarian Egg Salad

Served on pumpernickel bread, this lunch salad mixes eggs with pickles, mustard and onion to combine for a tasty sandwich.

Get the recipe to make bavarian egg salad here.

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Spiced Vegetable Couscous

This spicy vegetable sauce served with couscous makes an appetizing, meat-free lunch if you’re going for meatless Monday. The broccoli contains calcium and magnesium, both good for your child’s growing bones and the hint of spice will keep them warm when the weather cools down.

Get the recipe for spiced vegetable couscous here.

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Brie, Tomato and Prosciutto Panini

A slightly fancier, but still easy-to-make option, this panini recipe uses tasty Brie cheese, cured prosciutto and a handful of green leafy vegetables to create a delicious lunchtime sandwich. It will taste great piping hot or slightly cooled. Send it along with a side of fruit salad for a balanced school lunch.

Get the recipe for the Brie, tomato and prosciutto panini here.

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Tuna Provençale on a Baguette

If your kids like tuna but are a little tired of the same sandwich, they will love this delicious twist. This version packs the sandwich with onion, pepper, tomatoes, black olives and garlic.

Get the recipe for tuna provençale on a baguette here.

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Tropical Fruit Salad

Fresh and flavourful, this fruit salad makes for a scrumptious lunchtime treat, with bananas and cantaloupe packing a healthy serving of potassium.

Get the recipe to make tropical fruit salad here. 

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Apple Muffins

These delicious apple muffins include a little pumpkin spice and when topped with sprinkled brown sugar, they’ll be warmly welcomed by your kids. If you make them in the morning, they taste great as a part of breakfast right out of the oven!

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Chewy Oatmeal Cookies With Dried Blueberries

A healthy cookie? These are the perfect treat for kids (and parents). Delicious and full of antioxidants from the blueberries, they’ll make the perfect treat inside any lunch box.

Get the recipe for these delicious oatmeal cookies here.