10 Decadent Chocolate Recipes

Looking to satisfy a chocolate craving? These 10 delightful cookie, brownie and cake recipes should do the trick.

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Chocolate macarons
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Chocolate Macarons

When it comes to decadent chocolate recipes, French-style macarons are the reigning king. A mixture of egg whites and ground nuts (usually almonds), sandwiched together with a flavoured filling, you will not be disappointed.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Macarons.

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Chocolate recipes: Whoopie pie
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Chocolate Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies have it all. Soft, chocolaty goodness mixed with a light, fluffy cream filling.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Whoopie Pies.

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Double chocolate fudge brownies
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Double Fudge Brownie Chunks

The ideal brownie is moist in the centre, almost gooey, and with a rich, deep chocolatey flavour. This recipe will definitely get you there.

Get the recipe for Double Fudge Brownie Chunks.

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Slice of black forest cake
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Low-Fat Black Forest Cake

This impressive dessert is worth the effort. It may be low-fat, but you’ll find yourself asking for seconds.

Get the recipe for Low-Fat Black Forest Cake.

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Chocolate tarts
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Chocolate & Chili Tartlets

The popularity of the dark chocolate and chili combination goes back to the Aztecs, but the addition of caramelised pepitas is new – and very tasty!

Get the recipe for Chocolate and Chili Tartlets.

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Chocolate mud cake being sliced
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Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate lovers will go crazy over this cake. Not only does it have a chocolate glaze, but the hint of coffee in the recipe along with dark chocolate and fruit topping will make them run back for seconds.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Mud Cake.

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Slice of white chocolate cake
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White Chocolate Cake

For those who prefer white chocolate, this delicious and moist cake recipe is just right. And to top it all off? Thick, velvety cream cheese icing.

Get the recipe for White Chocolate Cake.

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Mocha and chocolate cream roll on plate
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Mocha Cream Roll

This tasty cake gets its flavour not only from the instant coffee in the cream filling, but from the light orange taste in the batter. Bonus: You’ll get extra points for how great it looks on the plate.

Get the recipe for the Mocha Cream Roll.

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Chocolate brownies garnished with raspberries
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Raspberry Truffle Brownies

What could possibly be better than brownies? Raspberry truffle brownies, of course. The flavour of dark chocolate and tart berries is the perfect match.

Get the recipe for Raspberry Truffle Brownies.

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Chocolate chip cookies on a wooden table
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Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Warm, melted chocolate in a sweet, buttery frame just can’t be beaten. If you want to go nuts, halve the amount of chocolate used and add an equal weight of chopped walnuts, pecans or macadamia nuts.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

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