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The Reading List: 10 Books to Read

Find out what writer Emily Landau had to say about these books this month.

10 Gadget Gifts for Him

Make Christmas shopping for the men in your life easier with these sure-fire gifts any techie would love to find...

Behind-the-Scenes with Olivia Chow

Check out some photos from the making of a Reader's Digest cover story with Olivia Chow. In the interview for...

Can You Guess What’s In the Box?

Think you can guess what these gifts are? Here is a hint: They're all popular toys from Christmas' past.

Your Two Cents: What Would You Do With $1500?

If you enter our Short Fiction and Poetry Contest before December 16, 2011, you’ll get a shot at winning our

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How to Jingle All the Way

Here are some spirited ideas for a singing soiree from Sally Ryder Brady, author of A Yankee Christmas: Feasts, Treats,

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O Come, All Ye Faithful

(Adeste Fideles) English words by Frederick Oakeley, Latin words attributed to John Francis Wade, music by John Reading John Francis

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The First Noël

Traditional The Christmas song telling the story of “The First Noël” (“Noël” is the French word for Christmas and stems

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Here We Come A-Caroling

(The Wassail Song) Traditional “Here We Come A-Caroling” is an old English wassail song, or song to wish good health,

Family Photo Concentration

Every family has a pile of marginal photographs that have never made it into the photo album. Recycle them with...

Bubble Tubes

These easy-to-make toys are terrific gifts for younger siblings.

Bodacious Bubble Solution

This recipe makes enough for at least two gifts-plus some to keep for yourself.

The Playlist: 10 Albums to Download Now

Start downloading some great tunes from the albums writer Sarah Liss recommends adding to your mp3 player this month.

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Christmas Carol: The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas Traditional In the Middle Ages, religious holidays were practically the only holidays, so lord and

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Christmas Carol: Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls Old Welsh Air Although most of us now live in rooms rather than vast, vaulted halls, we

The gifts that keep on giving!

The gifts that keep on giving!

Here's a great selection of PRACTICAL, MUST-HAVE items that no household should be without.

Soldiers of Peace

Most people seem to know about the First Emperor's army of thousands of Terra Cotta Warriors but what about an...

Steve Jobs: A Life Remembered 1955-2011 takes a look back at Steve Jobs, and his contribution to our digital world.

Fred Penner Video Roundup

A staple of 80s Canadian pop-culture, Fred Penner is making a comeback.  Brush up by taking a look at some...

Generic Drugs vs. Brand Name Drugs in Canada

Generic drugs are considered "just as good" as their more expensive brand-name counterparts-but, as one writer experienced, in certain circumstances...

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Reader’s Digest Shorts

Good tales come in small packages, as these snippets prove. Feeling inspired? Write your own short short story and share...

Mike Tompkins Beatboxing Video Roundup

Kick it old-school with this video roundup of Mike Tompkins' greatest hits.

Major Oil Spill: Is Canada Next?

Can Canada handle a Gulf-style oil disaster?

How to Create Positive Change with $100

Who says one person can't make a difference? Find out what five individuals did when they were each given $100...

The Futurist: Get to Know Robert J. Sawyer

Watch videos of Sawyer discussing science, the writing life and more.

Profile: Getting to Know Georges Laraque

For this former NHL heavyweight, it's the battles off the ice that count

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World’s Funniest Videos

Check out these wildly popular humour videos from around the world

Protecting Our Kids on Campus

Which institutions take complaints seriously? Which have zero-tolerance policies? Reader's Digest looks at schools of higher learning across the land....

Top 10 Most Trusted Canadians of 2010

We see them everyday on television or in the movies, read about them on the internet, hear about them on...