Bodacious Bubble Solution

This recipe makes enough for at least two gifts-plus some to keep for yourself.

Bodacious Bubble Solution

What you will need:

12 cups cold water

1 gallon container for mixing

1 cup liquid dish detergent

2 ounces glycerine

Smaller containers with screw-on lids for gift-giving

Ribbon, if desired

For blowers: plastic rings from soda six-packs; wire hangers bent into circles; jar-lid rings; plastic berry baskets; funnels

How to do it:

Pour the water into the empty gallon container. Add the dish soap and glycerine. Shake gently to mix. Pour into smaller containers, screw on tops, and tie a blower to each container with a piece of ribbon.

Reprinted with permission from The Mudpies Activity Book: Recipes for Invention © 1994 by Nancy Blakey, Tricycle Press, P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, Ca 94707.