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Me-Oww (Canada)
Some people think it’s cute to speak to their cats in baby talk. But if your cat could talk-as this white feline can-
you’d likely discover he’s not nearly as amused as you are.

Laugh, Baby, Laugh (Sweden)
Feeling down and need a surefire boost to lift your mood? On the hilarity scale, nothing tops baby antics on the
Web, as this giggling little tyke attests-the number of times the video has been viewed is already in the nine-figure range.

You Go, Granny (France)
Think you can push around a little old lady? Think again. Catching this Belgian senior’s feisty reaction to an impatient driver on video was a hilarious coup.

Orchestra Fail (UK) collects funny “fails.” Whether it’s teenagers falling off their skateboards,politicians tripping over their tongues or cats jumping into fish tanks, this website will have you chuckling for hours. Here is one of our favourites: an “epic orchestra fail,” courtesy of the U.K.’s Portsmouth Sinfonia (or possibly a Swedish high-school band), playing Strauss’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra.” Cover your ears!

Need an iFriend? (USA)
Users of Apple products-iMac, iPhone, iPad-are wellknown for being devoted to the brand. So no wonder that news satire organization The Onion decided to spoof them. It fabricated a
news story about the new “Apple Friend Bar,” where iGeeks can talk to Apple employees at
length about everything from the latest iPhone app to the most arcane technology. Apple
Friends are trained to talk about other nerdy topics, too.

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Demolition Mission (Ireland)
Lots of kids dislike school, but few are as enterprising as eight-year-old Becky from Dublin when it comes to solving the problem. Listen in on her conversation with the boss of a demolition company as she tries to hire him to knock down her school.

Who Says Cats Are Aloof? (UK)
Not Simon. Check out this instalment of the animated Web series Simon’s Cat. Cat owners will surely recognize some of these hilarious feline antics from their own pets.

Monkey in Your Trunk (USA)
The Trunk Monkey series of ads, created for Oregon-based new and used-car sellers, the Suburban Auto Group, features a monkey who lives in the car’s trunk and will stop at nothing to protect you. The ads show the monkey delivering a baby, bribing a cop, acting as a chaperone and more! It’s every driver’s devious fantasy./p>

Far-Sighted in the Far East (Japan)
Kicking a soccer ball may not be so difficult, unless you’re wearing binoculars, as in this Japanese game show. Wearing colourful striped long johns, with binoculars strapped to their heads, these men end up kicking air or one another more often than the ball.

Father Goes into Baby Crib (Canada)
This one’s for all you sleep-deprived parents. When Baby Michela wakes up crying, Dad arrives, offers a cuddle and she drifts off. Right? Not so fast…

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Spice Up Your Life (USA)
Former NFL football player Isaiah Mustafa puts the spice back in Old Spice. Clad only in a towel, he leads women through a montage of fantasies fit for a Harlequin novel and promises them their man will be transformed by Old Spice body wash. Mustafa’s deliberately over-the-top performance became so popular that he was featured on The Oprah Show.

Royal Canadian Airport Security (Canada)
These days, you get the third degree going through customs. But for all their increased vigilance, are customs agents really doing a better job? Watch Luba Goy’s take on an officious Canadian customs agent who takes her job seriously.

Sprechen Sie English? (Germany)
In this ad for the Berlitz language instruction company, a German coast guard’s weak understanding of English spells titanic trouble for a sinking ship.

Dance Dance Evolution (USA)
Just try to keep up with comedian Judson Laipply as he hipswivels through six decades of pop music: dancing to the twist, headbanging to AC/DC, thrilling to Michael Jackson and footshuffling to MC Hammer.

Heads, You Win (Canada)
In 2006 a Montreal advertising-industry veteran named Michel Beaudet and two sidekicks arrived on the set of a popular Quebec TV series to show a sampling of shorts they had produced in Beaudet’s basement. The Têtes à claques became an Internet sensation, with episodes reeling in millions of unique Web viewers every month. The Têtes now have a few dozen episodes in English. Try the Willi Waller Gold Edition!

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