Road Trips

How to plan a road trip, along with recommendations for the best road trips in Canada. Before you hit the highway, brush up on the rules of the road with our safe driving tips.

How to Handle Road Rage: Tips For Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving contributes to 56 per cent of all fatal car crashes. Here's expert advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of road rage.

This is the Safest Seat in Your Car (It’s Probably Not Where You’d Think!)

Yes, wearing your seatbelt can save your life in an accident, but so can sitting in the right seat. Check...

Sometimes the Road Less Travelled is Less Travelled For a Reason

How an unexpected detour earned my son's car the nickname, "Off-Road Mudder."

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Stranded in a Snowstorm? These Smart Tips Could Save Your Life

When a winter storm hits and you’re on the road, it's easy for panic to set in. These emergency tips...

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The Ultimate Winter Road Trip Guide

Hitting the road for a quick winter getaway? Don't pull out of the driveway before reviewing our checklist of winter...

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Winter Driving Mistakes That Put You in Danger

If you're driving on a quarter tank of gas or sitting low in your vehicle, you're asking for trouble. Top...

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Driving the Highwood Pass—The Highest Paved Road in Canada

The Highwood Pass rewards the adventurous with one of the most varied and picturesque drives in Canada.

Police Pulled Over This Car For Driving Too Slowly—and Found No One Inside!

From joyriding picnic tables to ghost passengers, these funny driving stories go off the beaten track.

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The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Think twice before adding these treacherous routes to your road trip itinerary!

How to Escape From a Car That’s Sinking Underwater

You've just driven your car into a river or over the side of a bridge into a lake. What can...

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10 Driving Tips to Stay Safe in Wet Weather

No need to fear heavy rain and fog with these safe driving tips under your belt.

How One City Is Using Optical Illusions to Prevent Traffic Accidents

Thanks to some skilfully painted fake speed bumps, speeding has decreased in this European metropolis.

Why You Should Never Follow a Friend When You’re Driving

Surprise: Following a friend while driving could be just as bad—or worse—as texting while driving.

These Types of People Are Most Likely to Be Distracted Drivers

Tempted to send a text while you're hauling down the highway? Psychiatrists have a pretty good idea what your personality...

Why You Should Never Charge Your Phone in Rental Cars

Protect yourself—and your information. Think twice about plugging your phone into a rental car.

Here’s Why Light Snow Is Just as Dangerous as a Snowstorm

Don’t think that heading out when there’s a light dusting on the ground is harmless.

Our Travels: The Ultimate Family Road Trip

One family drove 6,285 kilometres through four provinces, spent 23 nights camping in a tent and teepee, visited ten provincial...

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Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again

When it's safe to take a road trip again, how will you be hitting the highway? Take a look at...

The Best Audiobooks for Your Next Family Road Trip

Audiobooks are perfect for passing the time on long car rides. These terrific selections will keep a wide age range...

8 Tricks You Need to Stay Awake During Long Drives

Worried about drifting off behind the wheel? These long driving tips can help.

The 5 Most Dangerous Countries to Drive In

It's not the best idea to be behind the wheel in these countries.

Why You Should Never, Ever Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

Audra Tatum, a mother of three from Walker County, Georgia, learned this lesson the hard way. Here's her simple warning...

The 40 Most Scenic Drives in the United States

From the lonely roads to coastal drives, gas up the car and check out 40 of the most scenic byways...

The Best East Coast USA Road Trip Destinations for Foodies

Let your taste buds guide your travel plans! These road trip destinations on the East Coast of the United States...

The 25 Best Road Trips in the USA

Nothing beats packing up the car, making some new playlists, downloading a few podcast series, and heading off for a...

11 Crazy Driving Laws You’ve Never Heard Of

Did you know that if you hit and kill a deer on an Illinois road, you can claim the road...

15 Must-See Sights You Can Only See Along the Pacific Coast Highway

Spanning almost 1,000 kilometres, the Pacific Coast Highway has been described as the ultimate road trip. Here’s what you can’t...

This Is Where to Stop on Your California Road Trip

Planning the ultimate California road trip? Here's where to stop, what to eat and where to stay along the legendary...