11 Crazy Driving Laws You’ve Never Heard Of

Did you know that if you hit and kill a deer on an Illinois road, you can claim the road kill? These American driving laws will surprise—and amuse—you.

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Keep tires clean

Before you visit Minnetonka, Minnesota, you better make sure your car is clean. Dirty tires that “deposit mud, dirt, stick substances, litter or other material on the street or highway” could lead to a hefty fine, according to Minnesota Fun Facts.

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No driving while blindfolded

Keeping your eyes on the road seems obvious when driving, right? Well, according to DMV.org, a website dedicated to creating safer roads, Alabama officials have made it illegal to drive when blindfolded.

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

This one made us laugh. In Pennsylvania, there is a law that states that while on a country road at night, you must stop each mile and shoot off a rocket in an attempt to clear out livestock from the roads and allow them 10 minutes to disperse.

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Crazy driving laws

No disrobing

Don’t even think about changing your clothes in the car in Long Island’s South Fork. According to the blog on esurance.com, it’s illegal to disrobe in your car.

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Driving laws

Is that your dead deer?

Did you hit a deer while driving? If you hit and kill a deer on an Illinois road, you can claim the road kill under two conditions—if you don’t owe child support and if you haven’t had your wildlife privileges suspended anywhere in the United States.

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Honk before passing

When driving in New Jersey, you better hope your horn works. DMV.org reports New Jersey residents are required by law to honk before passing.

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No honking at sandwich shops

While some states require you to honk in certain scenarios, others forbid it. It’s illegal to honk after 9 p.m. near a sandwich shop or beverage stand in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Improper opening of a car door

Don’t get stuck with your car door open for too long in Oregon. It doesn’t matter if you’re loading or unloading cargo or people from your vehicle, you can be fined for leaving the door open for too long.

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Don’t store trash in a vehicle

Don’t forget to take the trash out of your car when you’re in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports it’s against the law to store trash in your vehicle.

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Road rage

No swearing

Watch your mouth when driving in Rockville, Maryland. No profanity is allowed—it’s considered a misdemeanor.

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Dunkin' Donuts

Want doughnuts? Watch where you park

If you’re craving a doughnut, you may have to walk a bit to get one. It’s illegal to park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts in South Berwick, Maine. You’ll need to be 25 feet south from the intersection of Goodwin Street to the intersection of Jewett Avenue.

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