9 Amazing Things To Do in the Dominican Republic (1/9)

From the beaches of Puerto Plata to the ancient architecture of Santo Domingo, here are nine places you absolutely have to visit in the Dominican Republic.

Visiting the Zona Colonial is the one of the top thing to do in the Dominican RepublicPhoto: Shutterstock

1. Zona Colonial

The Zona Colonial is the historic heart of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This square mile of pretty streets and shady squares contains some of the oldest colonial buildings in the Western Hemisphere, including the cathedral. To walk along the Calle de las Damas is to retrace the steps of the first Spanish conquistadors, who used Santo Domingo as a base for the conquest of Latin America. Yet this district is no museum piece. It’s dotted with shops, restaurants and cafes, many housed in colonial-era buildings. It is also a real neighbourhood, where families sit outside their homes enjoying the cool of the evening.

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