10 Best Tropical Destinations for Bird Watchers (1/10)

Bird watching on holiday-or "avitourism" as it's now known in the travel industry-is big business. Whether you're a seasoned birder, or can't tell a Blue-footed Booby from a Bananaquit, here are the top tropical destinations for bird watchers to indulge their hobby.

1. PanamaPhoto: ShutterStock

1. Panama

Birders flock to Panama to stay at The Canopy Tower-one of the best-known birding resorts in the world. Here, you can sleep eye-to-eye with the your rainforest friends in bird-filled Sobernia National Park. Each fall, the annual mass raptor migration sees millions of birds-of-prey darken the skies over Panama City on their journey from North to South America. Darien Park’s mountainsides also lure serious birders, and those with the Quetzal (shown here) on their birding bucket list should head to Los Quetzales eco resort where the notoriously elusive specimens are most plentiful.

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