Canada’s 10 Coolest Ski Hills and Resorts (2/10)

Hit the slopes, carve some powder and discover Canada’s biggest and best ski hills and resorts.

2. Marmot Basin, Jasper, Alberta

2. Marmot Basin, Jasper, Alberta

Why it’s special: Jasper National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for any Canadian who loves the mountains. Plus, laid-back Marmot Basin has the highest base elevation of all Canadian ski resorts, at 1,698 m (5,570 ft), and you can ski from November through May.

Single-day lift ticket: $79.95 for adults, $29.20 for kids.

Ease of access: The closest major airport is Edmonton, 370 km away. You can drive or shuttle into Jasper, and another shuttle will take you to the hill. Got a little more time? Take Via Rail into Jasper for an unforgettable trip. It’s about 18 hours from Vancouver, five from Edmonton or – why not? – two days and 17 hours from Toronto.

Runs run-down: 86 runs across 1,675 acres: 30% beginner, 30% intermediate, 20% advanced, 20% expert.

Besides the downhill: One full and one mini terrain park on the hill; in Jasper, winter experiences include ice skating, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, snowshoeing, ski touring, the Maligne Canyon ice walk, ski touring and helicopter tours.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr/El Dubb)

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