5 Canadian Hot Spots to Visit Right Now (1/5)

Beyond Vancouver and Quebec City, Canada is home to a wide range of extraordinary destinations. Trouble is, a lot of them probably aren't on your travel radar. With that in mind, it's time to pull back the curtain to reveal these hot spots in the making.

1. Osoyoos, British Columbia

A desert in Canada? It’s true. Stretching up from the US, the Great Basin Desert ends in Osoyoos, a small town just north of the border. Picture blissfully humid-free summers and dry weekends, and you’ll understand why it’s a perfect vacation spot.

Golf is a year-round attraction, as is the Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort & Spa, a luxurious escape for gourmets and anyone else looking to unwind. Taste an award-winning Chardonnay nearby at Nk’Mip Cellars, the continent’s first aboriginal winery. Outdoorsy types can opt for surf or turf adventures. At Lake Osoyoos, throw in a line and catch your evening’s dinner, or indulge in a leisurely kayak ride. Environmentally-minded tourists can join Great Horned Owl Eco-Tours for bird watching, a visit to an abandoned gold mine, or go on a hike to enjoy the beautiful view atop Mount Kobau. (Photo Credit: Allen Jones/Destination Osoyoos)

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