5 Things To Do with Styrofoam (1/6)

Don’t throw out those Styrofoam packing chips the next time you get a parcel! Here are five inspired ways to put Styrofoam to good use around the house.

What exactly is Styrofoam?Photo: ShutterStock

What exactly is Styrofoam?

Did you know that “Styrofoam” is actually a brand name for the thermal insulation manufactured by Dow Chemicals? What most people refer to as “Styrofoam” is simply generic expanded polystyrene foam, often used for things like coffee cups, food trays, coolers and different types of packaging material.

Chances are you have some polystyrene foam products lying about—and most of them are likely destined for the trash. Before you toss them out, though, try using them in these cool and creative new ways around the house.

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