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  • 12 Secrets to a Deeper Sleep>>

    Tired of being tired all the time? Our sleep experts share 12 strategies for getting the deep, restful sleep of your dreams.>>

  • How to Stop Snoring in 8 Easy Steps>>

    Breathe easy at night (and improve your partner's morning mood) with these simple snoring solutions.>>

  • 25 Things You Need to Know About Sleep>>

    Will a lack of shut-eye make you fat? Do white-noise machines cause deafness? Are night owls wealthier than early birds? Wake up to the secrets of slumber.  >>

  • 7 Cures for Insomnia>>

    Insomnia keeping you from getting a healthy night's sleep? Rediscover the peaceful joy of solid slumber with these new expert solutions.>>

  • 5 Tips for the Perfect Nap>>

    Nighttime sometimes just doesn't cut it. Master the essential art of napping with these easy steps to midday sleep perfection.>>

  • 7 Specialized Sleep Solutions>>

    They've never stepped foot in a sleep lab, but these unusual sleep experts know the secrets of snooze.>>

  • 5 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming>>

    Learn the easy steps towards unlocking your imagination and discovering how to lucid dream.>>

  • Facts About Dreams and Your Health>>

    Have you stopped dreaming? Do your dreams seem like they'll never end? That could be a sign of a serious medical condition. Here are some facts about dreams and what they mean about your health. >>

  • Waking Nightmares: One Woman's Battle With Sleep Hallucinations>>

    After years of terrifying hallucinations, I finally learned to stop worrying and love sleep>>

  • 7 Sleep Tips from Reader's Digest Readers (And Why They Work)>>

    We took to our Facebook fan page to find out what our readers recommend for a good night's rest. Here are 10 tips they recommended that actually work.>>

  • Antidepressants vs Antihistamines for Insomnia>>

    So which meds are the most popular? Although these medications offer us a variety of options, the fact is that the class of drugs most often prescribed for insomnia are antidepressants, says Dr. Epstein.>>

  • How to Get Much-Needed Restorative Sleep as a Shift Worker>>

    Shift work twirls the dials on your body’s biological clock until it can’t tell when it should wake you up and when it should let you sleep. And although there’s no single magic plan that’s right for everyone, there is agreement among sleep researchers that the following strategies will help you get a good night’s sleep. Here’s how to get started.>>

  • Do you have a sleep-related eating disorder>>

    SRED, or sleep-related eating disorder, is a serious problem. It not only can make you gain serious amounts of weight and disrupt your sleep, it may also cause you to inadvertently eat toxic substances or foods to which you’re allergic. Here’s how to get a handle on it.>>

  • How to Stop Snoring (Before you Drive your Partner Nuts)>>

    Snoring may be caused by having a blocked nose, an allergy, lying on your back, drinking too much alcohol or being overweight.>>

  • 8 Secrets to Better Sleep>>

    A good night’s sleep is one of the best things for your health, so pick three of these tips to follow each night until you get all that you need.>>

  • How to Eliminate Fatigue>>

    If you're struggling just to stay awake, life is passing by and you can't keep up with it, willpower won't fix it, so what does? You need to eliminate fatigue, often attributed to hypothyroidism, so that you can get on with your life. Try a total energy makeover – change the way you eat, drink and exercise. Find out what you can do to stay awake without feeling tired all day.>>

  • Avoid Sleeping Pills>>

    If you're suffering from short-term sleep problems caused by jet lag or by an acutely stressful event, such as a death or marital separation, then taking sleeping pills for a few days may help you get some rest. Prolonged use is not a good idea. >>

  • How to Get More Sleep>>

    The frenetic pace of modern day life ignites stress hormones that keep us in a state of perpetual arousal. Here’s how to cut down on common stressors to get more shut-eye.>>

  • Banish Bad Dreams>>

    Chills run down your body. Your muscles tighten. You look into the darkness ahead and you are jolted awake, covered in cold sweat. You’re not alone: nearly 70 per cent of adults suffer from nightmares. Here are some tactics to keep them at bay.>>

  • 10 Ways to Wake Up Happy>>

    You were up too late watching that show that was just too good to turn off (we've all been there), and now morning has come way too early. Here’s how to wake up on the right side of the bed and start your day with a sunny disposition.>>

  • How to Get a Solid Night's Sleep>>

    Insomnia can become a real nightmare as the clock ticks on into the night and you’re awake to notice. Find out how a relaxing cup of tea, a whiff of lavender oil, smarter scheduling of sleep, and other tactics can summon the sandman naturally.>>

  • How to Sleep Better: 5 Ways to Improve your Sleep>>

    Don't kid yourself that you can save time by cutting back on sleep. >>

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