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  • Exercising With Physical Limitations>>

    Don’t let physical limitations get in the way of cardio fitness.>>

  • 13 Things You Should Know About Cycling>>

    Riding a bike is an easy and fun way to get in shape.>>

  • 9 Tips to Help You Get Walking>>

    Taking a long walk is one of life’s simple joys. But going for a walk is more than that—it’s a surprisingly effective way to control your weight and improve all-around health. When your motivation to put one foot in front of the other wanes, here are nine great tips to help you get out and just keep walking.>>

  • 5 No-Equipment Exercises You Can Do Anywhere>>

    The latest exercise craze doesn’t involve bells, whistles, flexy bands, or any other special equipment. Instead, it uses you. Try these five exercises to get fit without a costly gym membership.>>

  • What's the Best Workout for You?>>

    Here’s a workout for every personality type.>>

  • 5 Winter Workouts>>

    There is an upside to winter: all of the chores and fun mean impromptu workouts.>>

  • 9 Tips for Active Weekends>>

    Make the most of your downtime with these suggestions for instant fitness and fun.>>

  • 7 Winter Running Tips>>

    Winter running comes with certain risks, according to Bruce Bowen, manager of the Halifax Running Room. Discover the tips you need to ensure a safe run.  >>

  • 7 Simple At-Home Exercises to Tone Your Body>>

    Looking to tone up and slim down? Help banish fat from your body and increase your strength with these simple exercises.>>

  • 13 Secrets To A Better Workout>>

    Exercise faster, smarter, and more comfortably with this round up of tips from the latest studies.>>

  • 4 Workout Wishlist Items>>

    High-tech and low-fuss, this summer's innovative new exercise gear will help you get the most out of your workout. >>

  • How Much Aerobic Exercise is Enough?>>

    Are there drawbacks to doing too much cardiovascular exercise?>>

  • Get Fit For Summer Guide>>

    Follow our Get Fit for Summer Guide for all the fitness tips, tricks and techniques you need to get back in shape for bathing suit season. >>

  • 5 Things for Toned Arms>>

    With the warmer weather, we’d like to shed our coats and long sleeve shirts and enjoy the sunshine. But our arms might not be ready for the sun just yet. The good news is that you can strengthen and tone your arms while doing everyday activities.>>

  • 6 Stretching Techniques>>

    Find out how you can increase the effectiveness of your stretching routine with these tips.>>

  • 6 Ways to Get Outside On a Workday>>

    Most of us spend half of our waking weekday hours cooped up inside – or at least know someone who does. What’s more, after clocking out from work, some people find themselves rushing home to continue their at-home “to-do” lists, finding little time for a real breather. Here are six ways to sneak some fresh air into your every day routine without breaking the bank or your schedule.>>

  • 10 Ways to Stick to Your Workout>>

    Sticking to a workout routine can be challenging but to stay in shape and in good health, you have to keep up regular exercise. Here are 10 ways to help you do just that.>>

  • 6 Secrets to an Easier Workout>>

    If you’re lucky, the sights and sounds of exercise are all you need to motivate you to get moving. At other times, you still may not have the slightest urge to get started. For those days, here a few tips to help you get the most out of your workout.>>

  • Become a Better Swimmer at Any Age>>

    Afraid of swimming? Small children aren’t the only ones to sometimes fear water. Adults can too. Read on to learn how you can become a better swimmer at any stage of your life.>>

  • Will I Get a Better Workout if I Hire a Personal Trainer?>>

    Find out whether or not hiring a personal trainer is really beneficial for you.>>

  • 7 Fitness Secrets from a Celebrity Trainer>>

    Harley Pasternak's celebrity client list includes such notable names as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson. Here, the Canadian-born trainer and author of 5-Factor Fitness and 5-Factor Diet shares his secrets to workout success.>>

  • 7 Secrets to Firmer Hips and Thighs>>

    Your legs contain perhaps the easiest muscles in your body to keep in shape. After all, they do support the weight of your body and you use them every time you walk. A stronger pair of legs will help you accomplish more every day. To strengthen your legs and avoid injury, you must work all of the muscles in your legs equally. Here are a few tips to help incorporate legwork seamlessly into your day.>>

  • 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Children>>

    Engaging your children in a health-promoting lifestyle should be a priority for every loving parent. But if you want trim and healthy kids, you have to get trim and healthy yourself. This is how to do it.>>

  • 5 Tips on How to Beat Diabetes with Exercise>>

    Developing healthy eating habits is key to controlling diabetes, but if you’re not combining diet with exercise, your blood sugar—and waistline—could end up back at square one. If you think chores such as washing the floor are a waste of time, we’ve got news for you! Try using these simple tips and tricks to incorporate exercise into your daily routine; it’s much easier than you think!>>

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