8 Home Remedies for Nausea (1/8)

Feeling queasy? Whether it’s motion sickness, pregnancy-related, the side effect of a medication or the dreaded flu, there are many natural ways to settle an upset stomach. Here are 11 home remedies that can help cure nausea.

1. GingerPhoto: ShutterStock

1. Ginger

The next time you’re feeling nauseous, swallow 500 milligrams of dried ginger in capsule form. You can do this 4 times a day. If you’re pregnant, cut the amount in half. If you don’t have ginger capsules, chew a piece of ginger candy. Ginger should be one of your first choices if you’re pregnant because it is natural and very safe. Numerous clinical studies find it even more effective in curing nausea than Dramamine for motion sickness. It appears to work by blocking receptors in the gut for 5-HT, a form of serotonin, which is responsible for smooth muscle contractions.

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