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The 15 Most Instagrammed Destinations in the World

Are you a shutterbug with a serious case of wanderlust? Online travel company TravelBird has narrowed down the 15 most Instagrammed destinations in the world!

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12. Niagara Falls

Region: Ontario, Canada
No. of tags: 2,198,459

Canada is home to some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls on earth. Here are ten of the best to check out.

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9. Notre Dame

Region: Parisian Region, France
No. of tags: 2,517,129

Test your cinematic knowledge of the 10 most romantic locations from the big screen.

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6. Las Vegas Strip

Region: Nevada, USA
No. of tags: 3,653,548

Check out 10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Las Vegas!

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5. Berlin Wall

Region: Berlin, Germany
No. of tags: 4,595,501

Here are the top 10 things you need to do on your trip to Berlin!

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4. South Beach

Region: Florida, USA
No. of tags: 4,689,396

Here are 8 Exciting Reasons To Visit Florida.

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3. Walt Disney World

Region: Florida, USA
No. of tags: 5,465,098

Here are 13 Things You Didn’t Know About the World’s Greatest Tourist Attractions!

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1. Disneyland

Region: California, USA
No. of tags: 14,615,952

Whether you’re shooting from your iPhone or DSLR, here are nine secrets to taking great travel photographs.