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10 Over-Indulgent Hotel Perks You Never Knew You Needed

Since state-of-the-art gyms, decadent spas and celebrity chefs are now the norm at hotels around the globe, some establishments are taking their services to an impressive new level. From pet psychics to social media concierges, here are 10 hotel services that you didn’t know you needed – until now!

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A Giraffe’s Breakfast

Looking for an African safari getaway unlike any other? In Nairobi, Kenya, one hotel – the Giraffe Manor – stands head and shoulders above its competition. Guests of this exquisite boutique hotel can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the company of eight endangered Rothschild giraffes. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – the hotel’s 140 acres serve as the home and sanctuary for these majestic creatures. Most mornings the giraffes stroll by the manor to welcome guests and score some tasty treats, so don’t be surprised if a long-necked friend pops his head through the window to greet you.

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Literary Luxuries

Bookworms and voracious readers, rejoice! Writing legends Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde have all stayed at London’s prestigious Langham Hotel, so it’s rather fitting that a Book Butler is employed on the current day premises. His goal? To find the ideal tome for you. He’ll select the perfect opus for your reading pleasure, leaving it on your bedside table just in time for turndown service. An elegant leather bookmark and a personal note explaining his book choice make for a lovely literary touch.

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With This Tweet, I Thee Wed

Relax, stressed out brides-to-be: Here’s one less task on your to-do list. The era of snapping your own wedding selfies and updating your Twitter feed mid-ceremony is over. W Hotels in New York City are offering a new social media wedding concierge to fiancées who want to document every moment of their special day online. For $3,000, your personal concierge will live-tweet your nuptials with a customized hashtag, cultivate an up-to-the-minute Instagram feed, and create a special wedding blog. Pinterest boards chock full of honeymoon inspiration, and registry items, along with a Shutterfly book compiling all the wedding tweets, mentions and Instagram photos cap off this extravagant social media package.

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Catch of the Day Car Service

British Columbia is a fisherman’s dream destination. With an abundance of premiere fishing lodges and plenty of cod, halibut and salmon to net, it’s not surprising that so many tourists successfully hook their catch of the day. But all too often, their prize catches spoil before the journey back home. Enter the Fairmont Vancouver Airport’s Fish Valet. He’ll store your bounty in a 575-cubic foot freezer where it will be kept fresh until it’s time for you to check out.

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Downward Dog With a Dolphin

Yoga and dolphins have more in common than you think! Both are believed to possess spiritual, and healing qualities, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two for a unique and fulfilling experience. At the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, yoga aficionados of all skill levels can practice their sun salutations and downward dogs under the tranquil gaze of several dolphins. These unique classes are very popular, so be sure to claim your spot in the Mirage’s underwater dolphin viewing area Friday through Sunday.

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Mixing Business With Pleasure

While other hotels offer deluxe gym amenities, late night tasting menus and dog walkers, Toronto’s hip and happening Drake Hotel prefers to cater to the more carnal desires of its guests. The hotel’s ‘pleasure menu’ titillates with a vast selection of adults-only toys and erotic accessories. Intimacy kits, feathers, blindfolds and other spice-it-up paraphernalia are available at price points ranging from $8 for a massage to $600 for a 24-carat gold toy. Do Not Disturb signs are complimentary.

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The Rock Star Treatment

Channel your inner Eric Clapton or Keith Richards when you stay at Hard Rock Hotels around the globe. Their unique ‘picks’ room service program lets you choose from 20 different Fender guitars for your musical pleasure. Legendary Telecasters, iconic Stratocasters, and a variety of basses are yours for the plucking during your stay. This free service also comes with headphones and an amplifier so your rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle won’t wake up your fellow guests. In-room lessons are available on your room’s TV so even the most unpolished of rockers can find their groove.

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Pillow Talk

NYC is no longer the city that never sleeps! The Benjamin Hotel has cornered the market on sweet dreams. Rebecca Robbins, celebrated sleep medicine expert and co-author of ‘Sleep for Success’, has created the hotel’s ‘Rest and Renew’ program. Calming bedtime bites such as house-made granola, peanut butter sandwiches and special teas are on offer along with an incredible menu of… pillows! Grab some shut-eye with cushions tailored for stomach, side, or back sleepers, or opt for an anti-snore pillow, a five-foot body bolster, or a pillow called the Lullaby that features ultra-thin speakers and an MP3 headphone jack.

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A Psychic Reading for Your Pet

The travel industry is pampering globetrotting pet parents and their four-legged companions like never before. But one hotel in Portland, Oregon is taking their love for animals beyond the norm. The Hotel deLuxe will help you reach a new level of understanding with your dog or cat. If you desire spiritual insight from your canine or feline, the hotel can hook you up with a local pet psychic, so you can discover what your pet is thinking. You can also access in-house pet massages, and acupuncture treatments for a full range of animal wellness.

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Shop ‘Til You Drop

Fashionistas and shopaholics, your sartorial prayers have been answered. As a guest of The Mark Hotel in New York City, you’re granted special around-the-clock access to Manhattan’s most elite retailer, Bergdorf Goodman. Thanks to an exclusive partnership between The Mark and Bergdorf’s, you can tap expert fashion advice from the store’s esteemed personal shoppers day or night. Whether you require a last minute outfit for a special Big Apple event, or the perfect gown for a romantic dinner, the Bergdorf Goodman style mavens are at your service 24/7.

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