Eco-Friendly Easter Getaways

Looking for the perfect Easter escape? These eco-friendly escapades are perfect for a green Easter weekend.  

Eco-Friendly Easter Getaways

What better way to celebrate the beauty of spring by helping to make the planet a bit greener while appreciating all its beautiful flora and fauna.

Free Spirit Spheres

These suspended tree houses in Qualicum, B.C., have no footprint on the ground. They use cedar and maple trees as their foundation. Some of these wood spheres are round, so you can actually sleep in an Easter egg! What for? “Healing, meditation, photography, canopy research, leisure and game watching.” To reserve your egg, visit Free Spirit Spheres.

Outdoor Adventures

The Atlantic Provinces boast jaw-dropping views of Mother Nature at her best. Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers glacier-carved freshwater fjords, wildlife viewing, and historical sights. Explore unaided or contact an eco-tour company such as Long Range Adventures. “This summer we’re opening an eco-lodge, run solely on wind and solar energy,” says Long Range founder Daine Hewlin.

Volunteer Eco-Vacations

Saving sea turtles, restoring coral reefs and protecting endangered animals aren’t just volunteer eco-vacations; they’re meaningful ways to celebrate life and growth. Help park rangers or marine biologists heal eco-systems, and ease the stress on our planet. For a volunteer “vacation” in your own city, consider volunteering at the local zoo, animal shelter, or public park this Easter – and beyond.


“Easter is the season of renewed life in nature,” says biologist Patrick Walshe. His Easter tours involve guest participation in theatrical re-enactments of the transition from winter to spring. Watch wild birds and hens lay eggs and see how quickly wildflowers burst open. Walshe organizes nature games, rain forest hikes, and wildlife viewing tours on Vancouver Island BC. Visit Coastal Revelations or Google “nature tours in Canada for more options.

Your Own Backyard

The greenest, least expensive way to celebrate Easter and still get away is to stay put. Discover exotic customs in books like An Easter Celebration: Traditions and Customs From Around the World by Pamela Kennedy – and try them at home! Bake and taste the traditional English simnel cake or Russian kulich. Discover the origin behind the Swedish custom of fastening circular objects on the backs of unsuspecting victims (girls do this to boys on Easter Sunday as payback for the pranks the boys pulled on Good Friday!). Combining new customs with old family traditions is a fun, creative way to colour Easter green in your own home.

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