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6 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Luggage

Nothing can add more stress to a long trip than losing your luggage. These six handy tips can help ensure that you and your bags arrive at the same time̶-and in one piece.

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Carrying luggage on a cart.


Losing your luggage is the last thing you need on a trip! These tips will help keep your luggage safe.

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1. Travel Light

If you’re going on a short trip, take only a carry-on. No luggage to check means none to lose.


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2. Label Your Luggage

Laminate your business card-or any card that has your contact information-then attach it securely to your suitcase.


In addition, tape a card that has your contact information to the inside of your luggage. If the label outside gets torn off, Keyter says, the airline can still identify your bag.

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3.Choose a Distinctive Suitcase

Get luggage that has an uncommon colour or pattern. Alternatively, put a distinctive detail on your suitcase. Keyter believes she got her lost luggage back partly because of its unique baggage strap-red with a maple leaf.

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4.Check the Airport Code


Make sure the person who is tagging your bag affixes the correct code of your final destination airport. You can find airport codes at

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5. Go for a Direct Flight

“There’s huge room for error with connecting flights,” Keyter says. “Luggage often doesn’t make the [next] flight when [the previous one] is delayed.”


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6. Be Mindful at the Carousel

Many suitcases look alike, so it’s easy for someone accidentally to take yours off the carousel. “I wouldn’t hesitate to go over and say, ‘Just want to check you’ve got the right bag,'” Keyter says.

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