Travel Hacks That Could Save Your Next Vacation

Pack smarter, not harder! These unconventional items can prevent the most common holiday headaches.

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Travel hacks - Two luggage tags
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Travel Hacks to Keep in Mind When You’re Packing

Double Up on Bag Tags

Nothing stands to ruin a trip quite like lost luggage. Although a luggage tag can help identify your suitcase, what happens if it falls off in transit? (We’ve all seen those viral videos of how luggage handlers treat our bags on the tarmac!) When you’re packing for a flight, pop a second luggage tag inside your bag. That way, even if the tag on the outside falls off, you’ll have the proof you need to reclaim your luggage.

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Loose buttons
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Never Lose Another Earring

If earrings float freely in your luggage (or even your toiletry bag), they’ll inevitably get separated. Instead, grab a spare button and stick the posts of both earrings through two of the holes, closing them up with the backing around the other side.

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Roll of plastic wrap
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Flat-Pack Your Jewellery

To avoid knots in bracelets and necklaces, lay each piece flat on a sheet of plastic wrap, leaving lots of room in between. Place another sheet of plastic wrap on top, and press to seal. Slip your new flat-packed jewellery caddy between some folded clothes for safekeeping.

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Travel hacks - travel size bottles
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Prevent Leaks

Don’t let a leaky bottle spoil everything in your suitcase. Unscrew the lids of any previously opened shampoo, conditioner and mouthwash bottles, cover the tops of the bottles with a layer of plastic wrap, then screw the lids back on.

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Two plastic clothespins
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Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Always pack a clothespin: it will come in handy if you don’t want to lay your toothbrush on your hotel room’s vanity surface and you’ve already used all the glasses. Clip the clothespin to the toothbrush just under its bristled end, stand the clothespin on its two prongs, and you’ve got an instant tripod that keeps the brush safely off the vanity surface.

Psst—these surfaces are filthier than a toilet seat.

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Binder clip
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A Clip-On Razor Guard

A binder clip—those clamp-style all-holds—is a ready-made razor guard. If you have to rummage around in your toiletry bag, it could prevent a sliced finger.

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