The Canadian Prairies, Captured on Camera

This gorgeous gallery is the next best thing to a road trip through the fertile fields of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Canadian Prairies - Swift Current Saskatchewan
John Unruh

Land of Living Skies

“It is no wonder that Saskatchewan’s motto is ‘Land of Living Skies’,” writes photographer John Unruh of Parksville, B.C. Between the gravel road stretching to an endless horizon, the gently rolling fields, and of course, those incredible clouds, his spectacular shot truly embodies the beauty of the Canadian Prairies.

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Canadian Prairies - Metal Tank Sunset
Janice Storch

Golden Hour

“This metal tank has always held my interest and I have photographed it many times, but this one is my favourite,” writes High River, Alberta’s Janice Storch. “The dark sky and lively canola, combined with the setting sun giving a deep glow to the metal is a wonderful reminder of all the colours and the different moods of the Canadian Prairies.”

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Canadian Prairies - Waving Wheat
Ashley Detillieux

Waving Wheat

Saskatchewan is home to 40% of Canada’s cultivated farmland, with its grain production earning the province the moniker of “the breadbasket of Canada.” In a stirring homage to that bountiful harvest, shutterbug Ashley Detillieux snapped this striking shot near Bruno, Saskatchewan. “Fall is a very busy time of the year for farmers on the prairie provinces, but it can also be the most captivating,” she notes.

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Canadian Prairies Old Log House Pine Lake Ab
Doug Swanson

Still Standing

The ruins of an old log house are a haunting echo of times gone by. There’s a sense of reverence for the past here, too—although the structure could presumably be dismantled and the trees clear-cut to maximize field space, the farmer has opted to grow around the site. Thanks to Doug Swanson of Huxley, Alberta for sending in this atmospheric photo.

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Straw Bales On Wagon
Nathan Takacs

A Bale of a Time

Ask anyone who grew up on a cash-crop farm—stacking bales of hay and straw is one of the sweatiest, most backbreaking jobs around. Still, there’s beauty to be found, especially once the task is done, as photographer Nathan Takacs attests: “Beneath bluebell skies and hanging cotton-swab clouds, the work of a tireless farmer sits in wait for the next stages of its life.”

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Moose Jaw Mural
Rhonda Beirnes

The Murals of Moose Jaw

Although we’d heard of the famous murals in Legal, Alberta, this shot from Rhonda Beirnes painted the Saskatchewan city of Moose Jaw in a whole different light! “Moose Jaw is a prairie city that I really enjoyed exploring for the first time in the summer of 2022,” Rhonda writes. “The murals are outstanding! This one depicts the alleged bootlegging operation of Al Capone.”

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Rainbow Over Canola Field
Heather Loewen

All Things Bright and Beautiful

How could those brilliant yellow canola fields get any more colourful? Try tossing in a rainbow! Thanks to Heather Loewen of Cochrane, Alberta for sharing this unabashedly uplifting shot.

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Canadian Prairies - Cypress Hills Provincial Park
Ashley Detillieux

Endless Vistas

Ashley Detillieux scaled the Conglomerate Cliffs for this shot—and it was well worth the effort! From her vantage point in Cypress Hills Provincial Park, the pristine landscape melts seamlessly into the horizon—”As far as the eye can see,” as Ashley puts it.

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Purple Prairie Skies
Kim MacDonald Cameron

Autumn on the Canadian Prairies

This jaw-dropping sunset from Kim MacDonald Cameron of Bow Island, Alberta captures the prairies in transition. “The shift of cooler temperatures have arrived here in Southern Alberta and it’s wonderful,” she wrote at the time. “Shorter days, geese flying in, and frost on the pumpkins are sure signs that autumn is not far away.”

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Alberta Saskatchewan Road Sign
Cathy Sands Unruh

East or West?

“After setting up our campsite in Empress, Alberta, we rode our bikes along the many scenic roads in the area,” writes photographer Cathy Sands Unruh. “This border sign stands not far from the railway station and is as iconic as the freight trains that travel across the prairies.” We’re so glad you packed your camera for the journey, Cathy—what a fantastic photo!

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Prairie Church
Richard Main

Little Church on the Prairie

This white church was postcard-perfect to begin with, but frame it against a fiery sunset, and you’ve got a truly striking composition. Photographer Richard Main’s long journey from Thunder Bay, Ontario, was certainly rewarded with this unforgettable image.

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Prairie Field Golden Hour Light
Anna Van Rootselaar

Windswept Plains

Anna Van Rootselaar’s fantastic photo seems to capture the prairie breeze in motion. You can almost see the tall grass swaying in the wind…

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Hebron Schoolhouse Cairn
Sandy Sinclair

School Memories

“I snapped this picture of my dad standing next to the cairn that marks the spot of the one-room school house he attended as a child,” writes Sandy Sinclair. “He is looking toward the site of the farm where he grew up, near Souris, Manitoba.” Find out what the Hebron School used to look like.

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Tractor Pulling Plow
Rebecca Bromberger

Farm Life

“We live in a small farming community and the word ‘prairies’ always makes me think of farmers and their fields,” writes Rebecca Bromberger of Barrhead, Alberta. Agriculture is certainly big business in the province, with the average Alberta farm covering a whopping  1,184 acres, according to the 2021 Census.

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Prairie Bison Bike Ride
Douglas DeClercq

Fantastic Beasts

For an up-close-and-personal experience with prairie bison, Douglas DeClercq took his trusty bike to Fort Whyte Alive in southwest Winnipeg. The magnificent animals are the largest mammals in North America.

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Flax Fields Saskatchewan
Gloria Pawliuk

Name That Crop

Do not adjust your screen! Although we’re hard-wired to expect the Canadian Prairies to be bright yellow with canola, these pretty blue blossoms are an increasingly familiar sight in Saskatchewan—but do you know what crop it is?

According to photographer Gloria Pawliuk of Pense, Saskatchewan, it’s none other than flax. You may never look at your digestive aid the same way again!

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