Remember Them: Clifford Swarbrick

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

Clifford SwarbrickPhoto: Courtesy of Veterans Voices of Canada

Veteran Profile: Clifford Swarbrick

Clifford was born in Unity, Sask., and joined the Canadian Army in 1941. He served overseas with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps as a truck driver for the 65th Tank Transport.

“We would haul tanks from one place to another. They would be battle-damaged or tanks that ran out of fuel… We couldn’t use our lights at night either—you just watched for the small slit of light from the rear of the truck in front of you. That’s tough when you are only feet away from one another and moving fast. If you were the first truck in convoy, good luck!”

Cliff was discharged in January 1946. After the war, he lived in Lacombe, Alta., where he passed away on September 12, 2014.

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Originally Published in Our Canada