Remember Them: Charles A. Muise

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

Charles A. MuisePhoto: Courtesy of Nancy Hutchinson

Veteran Profile: Charles A. Muise

Born in Hubbard‘s Point, N.S., on August 3, 1921, Charles joined the Princess Louise Fusiliers in March 1941. Three months after being wed, he shipped out, serving in England, France, Italy, Belgium and Holland for more than three years.

“On our way to Italy on board the Monterey, we were attacked by German planes and U-boats. The Santa Elena sailing alongside us was torpedoed and began to sink. Amid the confusion and panic, we picked up the survivors.”

Charles was discharged in January 1946. Still in good health, he lives in Tusket, N.S., with Anne, his wife of 76 years. They have eight children.

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Originally Published in Our Canada