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Picture Perfect

These spectacular images are a great reminder of why we are so fortunate to live in this country. See more stunning landscapes in the April/May issue of Our Canada.

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Algonquin Park – Tina McAuley, Waterloo, Ont.

My boyfriend Chris Cameron and I got up early with our dog, Molly, and went for a paddle while on a week long family camping trip at Pog Lake. We were greeted with a beautiful reflection of the clouds in the calm-as-glass water. What a great start to the day in Algonquin Park.

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Perce, Que. – Beverley Azevedo, Courtice, Ont.

My husband and I did a road trip along the south side of the St. Lawrence River and into Gaspe in August 2011. As we were coming into Perce, I saw this house with the most beautiful view. I had to take a picture of this house only to imagine what it would be like waking up to a view like that every morning.

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Ucluelet, B.C. – Kelly Pape, Kamloops, B.C.

We were attending the Vancouver Island Porsche Event. I walked from the Black Rock Resort and started the Pacific Trail at Terrace Beach. Despite having a sore back, I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph it. I limped all the way down to the lighthouse while carrying my heavy camera bag and tripod. The beauity of the Ucluelet area is unsurpassed. The Pacific Trail meanders above the ocean with stunning vistas. I took many images along the way.

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Ste Anne, Man. – Sharon Laurin, Ste Anne, Man.

I was on one of my rides down the back roads looking for something of interest to take a picture of. This photo was taken southeast of Ste Anne, Man., and is about five miles from a little town called Giroux, Man. I like to take daily drives around my area to see what I can find whether it be a river, ducks, wildlife or tracks.

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Cape Bonavista, N.L. – Donna Stagg, Catalina, N.L.

This photo was taken at Cape Bonavista here in Newfoundland in July 2014. They are inukshuks in the setting sun. My passion is capturing photos in my area that show what Newfoundland is.