Simply Wild About Orillia, Ontario

Boasting a beautiful stretch of beach, spectacular sunsets and serene wilderness, Orillia, Ontario, is easy to love.

Orillia in OntarioPhoto: Cassandra Canning

Orillia, Ontario: My Hometown

Welcome to my hometown of Orillia, Ontario, where enjoying the great outdoors can easily become a year-round pastime. But spring and summer are truly special here. (Don’t miss this cute gallery of kids enjoying the great outdoors.)

The warmth of the sun can be felt gently on your skin as you listen to the waves roll in against the shore. There’s a nice warm breeze as you gaze into the distance and see a horizon that seems to go on for miles. Peaceful. Beautiful. Calming. As the sun is setting, the sky looks like someone has just swept a paint brush across it in an array of colours, so simple yet so mesmerizing. The most relaxing moment, the most beautiful sunset is yours to enjoy right in your own backyard.

For visitors and locals alike, spending a few hours at the nearby Bass Lake Conservation Area can be a memorable experience. So much beauty to admire all in one place! You can walk the many winding trails, your body energizing itself with adrenaline, or watch in fascination as the swans raise their new family—just born! You get to enjoy nature, and all the peace and quiet you can fathom, allowing you to escape reality, even if it’s just for a little while.

Maybe your long summer day spent swimming at the beach will stretch into a quiet, relaxing evening. (Check out more of the best beaches in Canada.) And then, as nighttime sets in, you’ll find yourself sitting in the sand gazing at the most amazing sunset ever.

I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be than right here in my own backyard. Orillia is a historic town with so much to offer. There’s a wealth of “favourite spots” to explore, including the docks, the conservation area and our quaint little stretch of downtown, full of beautiful shops. From a night out on the town at your favourite pub, drinking a beer with friends while enjoying local live music, to savouring some downtime and reconnecting with nature—Orillia has a little something for everyone.

It seems that once you have a taste of Orillia’s beauty, you’ll always end up coming back for more.

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Originally Published in Our Canada