Seeing Double: Your Best “Lookalikes” Photography

Don't worry: you're not seeing double! From bunnies to canoes to babies, these striking photographs—snapped by Our Canada readers from across the country—celebrate the beauty of perfect symmetry.

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Two cats
Photo: Christy Turner

Purrfect symmetry

What’s better than one cat? Two, of course! Just ask shutterbug Christy Turner.

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Two lookalikes butterflies
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Winged wonders

Monarch butterflies flap their wings between 300 to 720 times per minute—and that’s actually considered slow compared to other butterflies! Thanks to Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario for sharing this snap of two striking specimens at rest.

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A pair of turtles
Photo: Paula Brown

Turning turtle

Paula Brown captured this cute pair snuggled on a log on Petrie Island near Ottawa.

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Twin baby sisters
Photo: Kimberley Allen

Tiny tots

Kimberley Allen of Woodstock, Ontario writes: “This photo of my 12-week-old twin granddaughters was captured as they lay on a comfy blanket enjoying the cool breeze under G.G.’s old maple tree. Even though they are fraternal, their mommy loves to dress them alike!”

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Baby calves
Photo: Norma Keith

Nose to nose

Our “lookalikes” Theme Pic Challenge generated some seriously cute submissions, including this shot of baby calves captured by Norma Keith.

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A pair of woodpeckers
Photo: Mel Diotte

Tap, tap—who’s there?

Can you spot which of these downy woodpeckers is male? Hint: he’s the one with the red cap! Thanks to Mel Diotte of LaSalle, Ontario for sharing.

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Twin bunnies
Photo: Wendy Erlendson

Bunny love

Wendy Erlendson of Ste. Rose, Manitoba captured this sweet shot of her pets. In a word? Adorable.

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Photo: Linda Prudhomme

A pair of pumpkins

It’s enough to make a pumpkin spice aficionado salivate! Photographer Linda Prudhomme snapped this pic at Chudleigh’s Farm in Milton, Ontario.

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Red canoes
Photo: Russ Hayes

Two canoes

Sometimes the best vantage point for fall foliage is from a canoe, gliding gently down the river. Russ Hayes took this photo in Lac Brome, Quebec.

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Canada geese
Photo: Richard Main

A few geese short of a gaggle

Once Canada geese are spotted, you absolutely must take a photo. Thanks to Richard Main of Thunder Bay, Ontario for sharing.

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