These Canadian Critters Were Ready For Their Close-Ups!

Canada boasts an amazing abundance of wildlife, but it’s rare to find them as perfectly-posed as they were for these lucky photographers.

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Cow moose and her two calves
Photo: Christine Souka

Photogenic Animals Across Canada

Christine Souka of Mackenzie, B.C., writes, “This pic was taken early one morning in a marsh near Morfee Lake. This cow moose and her two calves were enjoying chowing down on some vegetation.”

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Mallard duck
Photo: Kashif Mohammed

Just Ducky

Kashif Mohammed of Brossard, Quebec, writes, “I took this photo along the Wapizagonke River while canoe camping at La Mauricie National Park, near Trois-Rivières, Quebec. I feel like this scene is a great representation of Canada’s unspoiled beauty.”

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Photo: Matthew Lowe

Room for One More?

Matthew Lowe of Toronto snapped this photogenic animal, writing, “I captured this shot on a camping trip along the shore of the Weasel River within the Arctic Circle, which runs through Akshayuk Pass in the Auyuittuq National Park in Nunavut. The Weasel River has been aptly named as we found ourselves in the company of a curious short-tailed weasel that scampered about exploring our campsite!”

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Sleep grizzly bear
Photo: Miro Mundik

A Snoozin’ Bruin

While on vacation, Miro Mundik of St. Laurent, Quebec, took this awesome photo at the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, located about 45 kilometres northeast of Prince Rupert, B.C.

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Prairie rattlesnake
Photo: Nicholas Taffs

Ready to Strike

Nicholas Taffs of Airdrie, Alberta, writes, “I snapped this photo of a Prairie rattlesnake just outside of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta’s Badlands. During the summer months, these snakes travel up and out of coulees and onto the grasslands in search of better hunting grounds. This particular snake was a very large one and had established an optimal feeding area near the farm equipment in the background.”

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Sleeping otter
Photo: Anneliese Cusack

Someone Hit the Snooze Button!

Anneliese Cusack of Gimli, Manitoba, says, “While taking an early morning walk in nearby Winnipeg Beach one morning, I spotted what I thought was a small dog sleeping on the beach. As I got closer, I realized it was an otter—what a thrill! I felt privileged to have the opportunity to spot and photograph this incredible animal.”

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