Great Canadian Adventure Tour

Remember the team on their crazy 45-day cross-Canada adventure? They survived! and sent us some photos they took along the way. You can also see the videos they put together on their youtube channel. Did they visit your hometown?

Border Crossing

Border Crossing

The GCAT Team.

“We named this project the Great Canadian Adventure Tour and in the end it was befitting of it’s name. We spent 45 days on the road and travelled from east to west – Halifax, Nova Scotia to Tofino, British Columbia.  We racked up 16,000 km’s. It was a fabulous adventure where we got to see and experience first hand all those true cliches of Canada – incredible nature, delicious food, dynamic cities, history, culture and most memorable of all, the people. Canadian hospitality has got to be the greatest in the world. I dont think we met a single grumpy or unfriendly Canadian throughout our entire trip. Whether it was a fisherman in the Maritimes, a cheese maker in Quebec, a cowboy in the prairies, a surfer in BC or a trapper in the Yukon they all welcomed us with open arms. We thought Canada was a great country before we set out on our journey but in the end we realized that we really are lucky to call this country home. If you havent seen much of it get out there. It’s a joy to explore!”

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