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11 Things to Always Have in Your Carry-On Luggage So You’re Ready for Anything

Pack these easy, budget-friendly travel essentials, and you'll be flying easy in no time.

8 Genius Ways to Use a Lint Roller You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

If you're only using lint rollers to clean your clothes, you're missing out on a host of other household benefits....

10 Things to Do with Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be used for more than keeping things, well, under wraps! Click through to see how bubble wrap...

5 Things to Do with Denture Tablets

You've probably got a box of denture tablets at the back of your medicine cabinet, but this powerful cleaning agent...

Bye, Jet Lag! 12 Easy Ways to Outsmart It for Good

Whether you're an avid globetrotter or a casual traveller, jet lag will likely play a role as you become acclimated...

11 Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

You may look crazy doing these things to lose weight, but they'll actually work for you!

These 6 Household Items Will Totally Change How You Pack a Suitcase

These inexpensive, everyday objects do double duty to create organized and wrinkle-free luggage. They're also proof that the best way...

10 Secrets of Working Moms Who Cook Dinner Every Night

If you're staring at an empty fridge again and reaching for the take-out menus, use these insider tips to make...

10 Extraordinary Uses for Yogurt (Besides Eating It)

Yogurt is incredibly versatile beyond your breakfast bowl. Check out these genius ways you can use yogurt around the house,...

5 Simple Tips for Hosting the Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Don't let inviting guests over for Mother's Day brunch be a source of stress. Taking a few minutes before the...

8 Must-Know Sandwich Hacks from a Food Network Star

Kick your go-to sandwich up a notch with these pro ideas. You'll thank us later.

7 Simple Solutions for Tough Stains

No need to cry over spilled ink or coffee! Just try these laundering strategies to save your favourite garment from...

Keep These 14 Things in Your Car and You’ll Be Insanely More Productive

Every driver should stock up on the essentials for getting organized, staying safe, and managing everyday emergencies.

James Cunningham’s 6 Must-Know Grilled Cheese Tips

Want to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich? Start by perfecting the basics. Stand-up comedian and Eat St. host James...

8 Easy (and Scientifically Proven) Ways to Look Smarter

Fool others about your intellect…or are they fooling you about theirs? Read on to find out.

5 Kitchen Organizing Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

The kitchen is the heart of any home but it can also be the messiest. You don't need a degree...

12 Things to Do with Spices

Good for more than just cooking, here are five new ways you can put spice to work.

8 Extraordinary Uses for Coconut Oil Around the House (Besides Cooking)

The unexpected benefits of coconut oil: It cleans, repairs, and refreshes your home.

7 Embarrassing Things You Should Never Do in Other Countries

Don't want to look like a tourist when travelling abroad? Avoid these potentially embarrassing (and sometimes insulting) cultural faux pas....

7 Cooking Shortcuts You Can’t Get Away With

Know when it's OK to cut corners when you're cooking—and when you might sacrifice safety and taste.

7 Genius Tricks to Take a Postcard-Perfect Picture on Your Smartphone

These simple tips will help your smartphone photography look more professional.

11 Things to Do with Coat Hangers

Are those old wire hangers in your closet gathering more dust than coats? Make them useful again whenever you do...

The Best Ways to Use Every Room In Your House, According to Science

The best places in your home for creativity, exercise, and online productivity are not where you'd expect.

6 Foods You Had No Idea You Could Freeze

Who knew the coldest area of your fridge could house more than just microwavable pizza?

10 Amazing Mason Jar Uses You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

Mason jars are rustic and fun and have endless possibilities. Whether you want to use them for snacks, soups, drinks,...

6 Things To Do with Clipboards

There's not all that much paper floating around our homes and offices in this digital age, but that's no reason...

8 Things to Do with Baby Powder

Baby powder is a handy item to have around to help soothe a baby's diaper rash or prevent chafing. However,...

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5 Effective Ways to De-Ice Your Driveway

Has winter weather turned your driveway into a skating rink? Here are five of the most effective ways to de-ice...

10 New Uses for Old CDs

Even if you've moved your entire music collection to your smartphone, those old compact discs can still come in handy....