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8 Genius Ways to Use a Lint Roller You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

If you’re only using lint rollers to clean your clothes, you’re missing out on a host of other household benefits. Let’s get rolling!

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Use lint rollers to clean out pocketsPhoto: Shutterstock

Clean out your pockets

Pockets can be awkward to clean, which is probably why they get dirty so fast. Instead of using wipes, stick a lint roller down deep into the pockets to leave them crumb-free.

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Use lint rollers to get rid of pesky hairPhoto: Shutterstock

Get rid of pesky pet hair

Even the best vacuum can’t pick up every pet hair, especially if they creep into smaller spaces. Erin Meyer of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry recommends using lint rollers to help pick up stray pet hair strands from anywhere in the house that a vacuum can’t reach. If you spot a stain in the process, try these homemade stain removers.

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Use lint rollers to get rid of broken glassPhoto: Shutterstock

Find and toss tiny shards of broken glass

When glass breaks, those small pieces can scatter everywhere and eventually get stepped on. If you’re worried that you missed some small shards of glass after sweeping, grab your handy lint roller to grab any fine particles that remain. Better safe than sorry!

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Use lint to remove dirty from fabric lampshadesPhoto: Shutterstock

Remove dirt from fabric lampshades

It’s as simple as it sounds. “Simply roll the lint roller all over the shade, and the dust comes right off,” Meyer writes in her blog. If the tape fills up with too much dust too quickly, just change it out, and keep on cleaning.

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Use lint rollers to clean bathroom florsPhoto: Shutterstock

Collect stray hair in bathrooms

When excess hair collects on bathroom surfaces, it can make the whole room feel dirty. “Use a lint roller to remove stray hair from a basin, bathroom floor, and under the shower,” says Amanda Ridler of the College Girl Cleaning Service. “Use a lint roller in difficult areas like under cabinets.”

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Use lint rollers to dispose of a bugPhoto: Shutterstock

Dispose of a bug

Who wants to touch a dead bug? Nobody, that’s who. Enter the handy lint roller. Unlike normal paper or hand towels, trapping the bug with a lint roller will prevent it from flying away or escaping. Best of all, you won’t have to make any physical contact with the icky insect.

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Use lint rollers to clean up glitterPhoto: Shutterstock

Clean up spilled glitter and craft supplies

If you have a child who loves crafts, you know all too well the headache of trying to clean up art projects involving glitter, sand, and tiny pieces of paper or ribbon. The Maids of Medway cleaning service recommends using lint rollers to make this task less arduous. “To quickly and easily clean up after decorating, try running a lint roller over your carpets, furniture, and floors to pick up stray glitter and garland,” they suggest.

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Use lint rollers to clean toysPhoto: Shutterstock

Quickly clean children’s toys

Lint rollers are an easy way to spruce up a childhood toy when you don’t have time to wash it fully. Another tip: You can also use lint rollers to get crumbs out of strollers and car seats in between washes.

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