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7 Restaurants in the Canadian Rockies That Are as Impressive as the Scenery

From mountaintop fine dining accessible via gondola to a lakeside restaurant inspired by a former gangster in Denmark, these culinary gems are not to be missed.

I Made It My Mission to Capture the Perfect Shot of Peyto Lake

Disappointed to find it completely snow-covered on my first visit, I knew I had to return to Banff National Park—and...

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Great Canadian Legends From the Rocky Mountains

Over the years, the soaring peaks of the Canadian Rockies have inspired tall tales—tales that tend to grow taller each...

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10 Great Day Trips From Calgary

Want to make the most of your next trip to Calgary? Fill up the tank and get ready to hit...

Why Banff’s Tunnel Mountain Doesn’t Actually Have a Tunnel

...And more quirky Canadian Rockies trivia that will have you seeing these awe-inspiring mountains with fresh eyes.

We Conquered the Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies

A group of nine women found adventure and friendship on a four-day hiking trip to Mount Assiniboine Park.

A Breathtaking Helicopter Tour of the Canadian Rockies

Soaring high above the Canadian Rockies was a vacation highlight for this Maritime couple.

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10 Great Things To Do in Jasper

Between its fairytale forests, lofty mountains and jewel-toned lakes, Jasper National Park is a haven for outdoor adventurers or anyone...

Escape to the Rockies

An invigorating mid-pandemic jaunt to an idyllic B.C. mountain village was just what these three couples needed.

The Frozen Bubbles Under This Alberta Lake Are Absolutely Breathtaking

Photographer Carmen Therriault captures this awe-inspiring winter wonder on camera.

Every UNESCO World Heritage Site in Canada

Did you know that 20 of the world’s greatest wonders are right in your own backyard?

A Week Out West

This Manitoba couple embarked on a celebratory vacation through Western Canada’s peaks and valleys.

Inspired Day Trips Beyond Banff

Exploring the areas around the famous resort town proved to be an eye-opening and memorable experience.

10 Shots That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags For Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Our Canada’s web editor recently took the trip of a lifetime on board the legendary Rocky Mountaineer. One of the...

The Secret of Wild Bill Peyto’s Cabin

If you've been to Banff National Park, you've seen the face of Wild Bill Peyto staring out from the welcome...

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What It’s Really Like Travelling Through the Canadian Rockies Onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Considering splurging on Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf service? Here's what you can expect from upgrading onboard the legendary train trip through...

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10 Awe Inspiring Views of the Canadian Rockies

It’s impossible to make the Canadian Rockies look anything less than majestic, but these 10 Alberta locations serve up particularly...

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7 Great Things to Do in Banff on Your Next Vacation

Considering a trip to one of the highest towns in Canada? Soaring peaks, shimmering lakes and abundant wildlife make the...

How Well Do You Know the Canadian Rockies?

From dramatic fingers of granite reaching skyward to majestic snow-capped summits, the Canadian Rockies boast some of the most picturesque...

I Took the Train Across Canada—For $150

When Via Rail Canada offered youths tickets to take the train across Canada for just $150, these adventurous 20-year-olds jumped...

What I Learned From Snowboarding in Lake Louise

A first attempt at snowboarding at Lake Louise proved to be both painful and educational for Quebec transplant Luc Vanderham....

This is What It’s Like Riding Canada’s Great Divide Trail on Horseback

This Alberta woman discovered firsthand why Canada's Great Divide Trail is renowned as one of the most spectacular long-distance trails...