fresh lemon juice

Peach-Basil Lemonade Slush

"This chilly slush with peaches, lemon juice and garden-fresh basil is hands-down the best lemonade ever. It tastes just like summer." —Dana Hinck, Pensacola, Florida

Best Hummus

"Hummus is my go-to appetizer when I need something quick, easy and impressive. Over the years I've picked up a...

Grilled Toulouse Sausage BBQ Pizza with Goat Milk Feta and Artichoke Tapenade

Take your next BBQ on an international journey without leaving your backyard, thanks to this delicious, easy-to-prepare recipe from Top...

Chana Masala

February is Heart Month, and this easy-to-make Chana Masala recipe from Becel® proves that managing your heart health can be...

Chicken and Avocado Bruschetta

Avocado is combined with other ingredients rich in anti-oxidants, such as citrus, olive oil and garlic, in a satisfying high-protein...

Paprika-Spiced Fish Cakes

You can make these delicious bites ahead of time and cook them straight from frozen on a moment's notice.

Mediterranean Chicken with Mixed Vegetables

Fennel, green beans, and white kidney beans add folate, calcium, and fibre to an earthy chicken dish.