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9 Easy Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins

Forget carving a jack-o-lantern, here are nine easy and attractive ways to get your home in the Halloween spirit using pumpkins.

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1. Try Some Paint

Create a decorative pumpkin display without lifting a knife: simply use acrylic paints to decorate pumpkins as you wish. Write a greeting, dab on polka dots, use painter’s tape to create stripes, or freehand paint your favourite Halloween-themed design.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

(Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)

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2. Make Them Into Place Cards

Perch tiny pumpkins at each place setting for a special fall feast. You can use twine or string to tie a paper tag to the pumpkins’ stems, or simply write your guests’ names in black permanent marker on each mini pumpkin.

Source: Midwest Living

(Photo courtesy of Justin_D_Milller/Flickr)

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3. Serve Seasonal Soup

If your fall dinner party menu includes a soup- pumpkin bisque, butternut squash soup, or even potato chowder-serve it up in a hollowed-out pumpkin tureen.

Source: Country Living

(Photo courtesy of David Goehring/Flickr)

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4. Decorate Your Staircase

Add a little seasonal flair to your stairways-whether inside or out-by lining a collection up the steps. Spell out a message on your pumpkins with black acrylic paint, or leave them unadorned for a more rustic display.

Source: Country Living

(Photo courtesy of Graham Lewell/Flickr)

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5. Welcome Your Guests

Decorative pumpkins at your home’s entrance can do double duty when you paint your street number-or other message, like ‘The party’s out back!’ on their surfaces.

Source: Midwest Living

(Photo courtesy of Steven Depolo/Flickr)

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6. Hang an Autumn Garland

For a perfect fall garland to hang over your entryway or decorate your mantel, tie petite, miniature pumpkins by their stems onto lengths of twine. Add autumn leaves if desired, and drape the decorative swags wherever you please.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

(Photo by KrissZPhotography/Flickr)

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7. Make Halloween Candleholders

Giant jack-o’-lanterns aren’t the only way to create a flickering glow on October evenings. For an easy, atmospheric display, cut off the tops of miniature pumpkins and hollow out the insides, creating room for a votive candle to nestle inside. Group a cluster of them for a mantel display or an easy table centerpiece. And you don’t have to stop after Halloween-these would also look lovely at Thanksgiving.

Source: Midwest Living

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8. Create Floral Arrangements

Cut off the tops of a medium-sized pumpkin to make a flower vase. Carve out the center, place a watertight container in the hollow, fill it with water, and arrange your favourite fall flowers, branches, berries and/or leaves to create an artful display.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

(Photo courtesy of Joe Dielis/Flickr)

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9. Use Bows and Ribbons

For another no-knife idea, use hot glue to add ribbons and bows to your pumpkin. Choose white and black ribbon to stay with a Halloween theme, or match the ribbon to your home’s décor.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

(Photo courtesy of JD Hancock/Flickr)